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xp quotas and rent limits revisited

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Posted by Wanderer on 05/06

ok, since everyone is so dead set against my quoting, ive decided ill start the thread of xp quotas once again sans so much quoting. This idea seems like the simplest one as it doesnt require any big changes of how much skills, say, druids have, as could possibly be the case if rent limits were upped. The argument that ive found most clearly delineates the nay side is this one- that it would cheapen the current level 50s, as thered now be a fair amount more of them. To this ive said that if youd really feel cheapened over such a triviality as level, id think you have some serious problems. Another argument ive heard is that things are fine now. Perhaps to people who dont mind spending countless hours xping, that may be true. But I havent found a -single- person i know that likes the amount of xp per level that one, with the exception, i think, of some people who have achieved level 50 with on or another of their chars. As well, the whole idea of making getting to 50 such a repetitive task of kill, kill, kill, stifles creativity to a certain degree, as people are so busy doing things that machines can do, if not better, atleast faster, that much less time is spent exploring (for fear of being killed by a mob they cant quite deal with at their present level, say) or in acquiring a house (not enough money). On the topic of houses, i think theyre much too expensive at present as well. Ok, now on to the topic of rent limits- i now know that itd be pretty complicated to up the rent limits- to have, say, level 1s get an 11k rent limit ceiling instead of a 2k rent limit ceiling. Nonetheless, I hope that its done as in real life, people certainly arent limited in terms of equipment by how much they kill and this one bit of reality i think is pretty important. Ive brought up the idea that rent limits most closely resemble communist countries- where youre only given a certain quota- perhaps if you get a better position (through trudging along in the wheels of the cog), youll be allowed to get a somewhat higher salary, but certainly not through, say, real entrepreneurial spirit. do we really want this type of mentality.

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 04, 05:56PM

Seeing as how rent is only needed for killing stuff, I don't think your arguments really hold up. Levels are here to stay, and even though the xp system is messed up, its not really messed up till around lvl 39, which youd learn if you played. This is a game, if you don't like the game don't play it. The game has rewards, levels, you want the rewards without the work involved, whats weird is the levels only help one to do stuff you don't seem to want to do, Ie mindless killing. Theres a number of things that make you look silly also, just because you haven't leveled a char up. 1. low level chars don't need high rent, and actually high rent wouldn't help them much. You can do just fine with a set of eq that is only ac and 1k rent or so & at lvl 5 lets say theoretically if we gave you 50k rent space and gave you whatever eq you wanted, you would still have the problem that leveling was tedious, the mobs wouldn't just fall like butter before you. 2. All this lack of understanding comes from a failure to learn the system, ok this understanding doesn't come automatically, the mud takes a while to learn, and so do the little tricks. Most people beg and beg for someone to level them until either, someone levels them up, thereby making a high level idiot, or someone takes the times to show them the basics. What you are doing is not whining for someone to level you but asking that the system be changed to accomodate you, so that everyone can be a high level idiot that doesn't know the system. Not to be mean, but what your doing here is idiotic and infuriating and won't lead im afraid to anyone showing you the ropes. Why should someone go to the trouble of showing you the ropes when you don't even want to learn, but to change the game to accomodate you. What you would find if you did level up, which is so ironic would be that your argument is bullshit. You have already shown with the quoting thing that you are extremely hardheaded, so I think we are at an impasse. You can't be for not understanding, and posting crap like this, but you can be faulted for refusing to listen to others just like when we ask you to stop quoting. The problem now I think is that there might not be anyone willing to take the time to show you the ropes, so I think you might be stuck with learning the system yourself. In short, you aren't qualified to speak on these things, but reply if you must, but if you use quotes I'm not gonna respond, and may strangle you.

From: Wanderer Tuesday, May 04, 07:18PM

in response to McDonald (append 1): You say that rent is only needed for killing stuff. Not true- if you wander into an aggro mob, you want to have nice ac and hopefully the hps to make sure that he/she doesnt toast you. About levels being here to stay, thats fine- my problem is that it takes so dang long to get to 50. Even if everyone could up to 50 in 50 hours, itd still be an awful lot of xping- and for some it takes much longer (Bronwyns 4 years, say). You seem to admit that levels are messed up in general, but that things only get -really- messed up when you get near level 40 and then tell me id know this if i played- ok, some points- first off, at present, id be happy if even just those levels were made easier- i cant expect everything at once and if thats the hardest part, then making atleast that stage easier would be welcome. Ofcourse, besides fixing up whats -really- messed up, id like to fix up the rest too :-p, which is why id like the whole shebang made easier. Clearly, i like certain parts of this game- the talking and discussing part, as is plainly clear :-). However, that isnt -all- that I like about the game. I mean, sure, helping out newbies get unlost and such has probably been my favourite pastime on other muds (im still a newbie here, so i cant really do much of this here :-p), but i also -love- having nice eq. Why -else- would i put up such a fuss about having rent limits raised :-)? And I like getting new skills and spells a fair amount to. About mobs not falling like butter if i had 50k rent space at level 5, maybe not level 50 mobs, but as for level 5 mobs.. well... he he :-). I know the basics of killing things, btw- been mudding for a while on other muds. first of all, remember were in an ooc environment here and those types of comments are -definitely- not in line id think. secondly, guess you didnt read my quoting thread- it said specifically that the reason i might have started quoting is because of abusive comments like this one- these types of comments are hurtful in the extreme- i still want to deal with them, but i dont want to have to paraphrase such hurtful material. shade, wielder of the quotes (i still think its pretty pathetic that people wanted to ban me just for quoting- i think it shows, first and foremost, how unadvanced we are as a species sometimes).

From: O'Bedlam Tuesday, May 04, 08:24PM

I am not too interested in all the spam above this, but what if we were allow to exceed our rent limit if we had the cash to rent it. Much like housing, and have a daily charge. at lvl 1 you can 2k and if you have 1k in the bank you can pay to rent it, on a daily basis. This would certainly keep ppl from being 40k over rent, but would allow a bit of flexiblity. This would help that player who is on everyday playing, and at the same time not discourage the casual player. I haven't much thought of any down sides, cept maybe an increase in crossplay to help out friends newbies....what do you ppl think?

From: Wuss Tuesday, May 04, 08:31PM

We have prestige. Prestige can buffer up to 1k for just a minor nuisance of having to get praised. If you need more than that, you quicken up your pace in levelling. As far as "similar to housing" goes, well, housing costs 100-200k to start off, whereas such over-rent won't. Also, would you like logging unlock u one day to find out all your gear got wiped out thanks to your account running out of cash? Worse, you could be on a money run, and just before you manage to deposit your cash -- boom, the mud charges, and you lose all your eq. Nah. In addition to all this, there'd be the problem of lag -- remember how long it used to take when all the housing rent was charged at once? Multiply that check by a few hundred, including all the players that aren't even online... you get the idea. Wuss

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 04, 10:16PM

First about the quoting. Sure this is ooc, I said that this wasn't meant to be mean, that went for the whole thing. As for the strangling comment, your quoting when everyone has asked you to stop makes me want to strangle you. Of course I don't strangle people and have no idea where you live and have no desire to know, but the fact remains your quoting pisses people off, and I don't think showing you a bit of this anger in a respectful way is out of line. As for the other part of your post. Your own ideas are holding you back, that and lack of knowledge. Yes, you wouldn't go through mobs like butter even if they were lvl 5 also, slightly better yes, like butter no. What you don't realize is that many things that affect playability and killability are also affected by levels. Ie skills, ac, and hittable. The only thing you can do at low levels to make things go better, is get good armor, learn the correct skills, and fight intelligently. Also you stated once that you didn't like to die, well I got news for you, even L50 players die. Often the best players are the ones that die the most, simply because they aren't afraid to experiment and, -gasp- learn things. Your worrying about hard to get eq at low levels is exactly what hinders you from learning. You say you don't want to lose xp, well heres a bit of news also, at low levels death means nothing. One can easily die twice, and still level within an hour, not you maybe, but those with some knowledge of what works. If you would only get some good armor, and a cheap weapon you could start enjoying the mud, if you die, you need not even worry about retrieving your corpse if its in a hard to get to place. And your eq will be easy to replace. As for agg mobs, there are an extremely small number of agg mobs that chase one down after an encounter, set your wimpy to a reasonable number and start exploring. As for Tara, its one of the few dangerous places around for low levels, and if you do happen to stumble into an agg mob, guess what, lesson learned, move on.

From: Lethargio Tuesday, May 04, 11:56PM

heh, I remember dying 24 times at level 6 when I was a newbie... you should try to enjoy the game itself, not the rewards of being 50 ;) Hmm, who could challenge my record...maybe LadyAce Leth

From: O'Bedlam Thursday, May 06, 05:00PM

In response to Wuss's lag issue. I was thinking more of the way every other mud in the world does it :), rent is calculated by time spent rented, and deducted by updating the player file upon entering game. As far as lvling not being that hard, I would tend to agree with that. But as a RPer I find my character tends to develop over time and if I focus on lvling and not RP as well, I have a shallow character. So I like to take my time. I enjoy the mud a great deal. I am not critizing it. I just think that the more fluidity of the game allows for a better enviroment in general :) ok I stop with my lil ramble.


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