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Posted by Tiamat on 05/09

This is a plead to all of you people that seem to enjoy filling you houses with silly junk laying on the floor, please, please, please by yourself a door and a lock and please keep it closed and locked. I'm getting very annoyed the odd time I manage to misstype one direction and get up to 2 full screems of junk spam, because some house onwer has a misguided view I want to see all the garbage they've collected. Not to metion its very annoying having to chase after mobs you looking to kill into said houses as well. Tiamat

From: Craven Tuesday, May 04, 06:17PM

I agree, its really not that much more money, and its not like you'd need a lock. But damn some of you peoples houses....-shudder-

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 04, 06:29PM

What really sucks, is when the house lies on a long straight stretch, ie a place which is a main thouroughfare, and ppl have to go a long way in the same direction. um ok, think I know how to say this, before someone could tell you go all east, all north, and then all east, and now doing this makes you go into someones house. This is not just a simple peeve, it changes the layout of the mud in a bad way, its like some muds which have large areas of housing all together that ppl can get lost in, but it spreads it out all over. Every house should come with a very cheap door that can be upgraded, that closes after a while, like tudor gates. Plz plz plz change this.

From: Tarn Tuesday, May 04, 07:56PM

I am very peeved that someone picked my locked door within 24 hours of my house being built. I have been told that locks were downgraded due to pk issues. My house is in a straight line, 3 west of the docks of ithaca. Is it my fault if someone picks my lock, leaves my door open and then someone else wanders into my (non-spammy) house by accident. Maybe we should reupgrade locks to what they were when housing went in. Tarn of the USL

From: Daedulas Tuesday, May 04, 08:24PM

hmmm, lets not, Tarn. yes, it's a pk issue, people recalling to what I call a safe haven, much like someone your trying to kill being OOC. it's very annoying. you seem to not like pk or have something against it, so I'll put it in more relative terms. imagine you really need to kill mobA, but mobA is located in a house that is locked, now, when you try to pick this lock... you get a message.. you think it will take several more hours to pick this lock well, what that comes down to is several ticks, each tick being one half hour mud time. now, do you REALLY think it's ok if -you- have to wait over a RL half hour just to get the _chance_ of killing mobA? and lets not blame this all on pick lock.. with your door being a new version, (I'm convinced it is) then your door is very easily opened via the break door skill. just something to think about when you try to downgrade pk and the pk'ers of this mud. houses aren't (and I hope never again are) safe havens, for a very good reason, and I'm fairly sure that the immortals who made this decision discussed the pk versus nonpk situation thouroughly. have a nice day.

From: Tarn Tuesday, May 04, 10:36PM

I'm sorry I didn't express myself better, I'll try again I have 2 points to make. Firstly I am not anti-pk. What I do argue against is when pk issues affect those of us who choose not to enable. Secondly, the point that I tried to make was why should I be slammed for leaving my door open, when I know I locked it. There must be a solution to this problem. Maybe we can work together and find it. Tarn of the USL

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 04, 11:50PM

Its simple Tarn, if you didn't leave your door open then noone is slamming you. If someone picks or breaks it, you can't be held responsible. What id like to see is doors that automatically swung closed after a couple ticks, not that they should lock also, but this really needs to be imped.

From: Lilian Wednesday, May 05, 12:32AM

-snicker- Yes, I am continually finding myself accidentally stumbling into people's houses because they've left their doors open. It gets quite tiring at times. ;P -bored- Lily

From: Tarn Wednesday, May 05, 12:55AM

All I want is for my door to stay locked when I lock it. ARGH, HELP, I'm turning into Jean. Is there a USL guildmember in the house? Oh wait, that's right, I am one. -giggle- Tarn of the USL

From: Vandervecken Wednesday, May 05, 04:36AM

I chose my shop's location in anticipation of the London expansion. When that goes in, traffic on Parker Lane is going to leap! I intend to capture more than one prospective customer when they run too far south down Parker Lane. No one leaves unless they buy something!

From: Ceri Wednesday, May 05, 11:05AM

I understand that some people are very sensitive to spam, but in this case I hardly find it acceptable for other people to demand that players adjust their little corner of the mud to suit those of you who can't drive correctly :) I know that even the people who know where they're going make mistakes sometimes but still, you can hardly blame the house owners for your mistake in typing. If spam is really that big of a problem to you learn to navigate better, there are no houses that require you to pass through them and so all exposure to unwanted spam is your own fault. Secondly, I know with my house personally, a door would be rather inappropriate considering my house is a grove in a forest. I like the rp of my house as it fits with my character as a druid and I think a door would be a mistake. Even though the option for it now is a fitting one (a wall of vines) I still prefer that it is open to the rest of the forest. Again for those of you who disagree, take the time to learn the area and if you really type that badly that you mistype to my house all the time, sorry, but that isn't my problem either :) Ceri

From: Quercus Wednesday, May 05, 01:41PM

While in general I agree with you about the typing, I find the idea of a door not fitting with a druid's sacred grove, but 20 coloured easter eggs apparently fitting with it to your satisfaction, a little incongruous ;)

From: Tarn Wednesday, May 05, 01:52PM

And it's not only mistyping that takes one into your grove Ceri. My lowbie alt fled into there the other day. Tarn of the USL

From: Croaker Wednesday, May 05, 04:19PM

btw, the locks in my areas haven't changed. The code for pick lock has changed. Croaker

From: McDonald Wednesday, May 05, 07:11PM

YOur a bonehead Ceri, as far as I can tell anyway. First in my example, I was talking about places where one would navigate by going as far in a direction as they could. So before house added one goes say 8 west, but you don't have to memorize that its 8 exactly, just all west which is much simpler, also, its possible for one to memorize patterns that work for navigation. Such as all west, repeat s w 5 times or so then all north, or some such. When you add your house your changing the layout of the mud. You seem to put yourself first anyway, and im not gonna go into the continuing to use triggers on info even after the imms changed the messages to discourage it, because I don't know all the facts. But you know what? If you really feel that you shouldn't have a door on your house because of Rp reasons, then I think you should have that option, but houses still should come with a door that closes automatically as the default. This isn't about people that don't know the areas. If you know patterns that allow you to navigate anywhere on the mud quickly, then you know the mud better than someone that uses an automapper. And lets be clear here, the only people that know exactly how many times to go a certain number of rooms to anywhere on the mud, use an automapper. Whereas many long long time players have things memorized as go all east or go all west. I could easily see someone getting pissed about someone leaving their door open. You yourself admit that your door doesn't conflict with your roleplay, because its vines now and fits in nicely. This could also be taken care of if imms think of this when they decide which rooms will allow houses to be added. Just cuz you build a house does not make it your part of the mud, your house is your part of the mud, not the connecting rooms.

From: Ceri Wednesday, May 05, 08:33PM

Quercus, point taken but still, how do you know that my eggs don't have magical healing power? :) As for you McDonald, I never called you names or insulted you for not memorizing the same way I do, but personally, no... I do NOT use an automapper and yes, I do memorize the exact directions from most places to others, just from doing it so many times. Secondly, if you want to make a point about something, don't make it half @ssed and then backoff. If you want to insult me, do it. If you want to be civil, then know what you're talking about and please, for the love of God, do it in a mature and rational way. I'd be glad to talk to you about any of my actions here but ONLY if it is in the form of intellegent conversation. I don't need to be called names and don't value the opinions of immature people who can't argue but simply rely on insulting others to try to persuade people to their opinion. Ceri

From: McDonald Wednesday, May 05, 08:40PM

I stand by my original post, your post # 10 is boneheaded you assume everyone that stumbles into your house doesn't know where they are going, and say that we are trying to restrict what you do. Well you know what? It would hardly be a restriction to put doors on houses, and as I said if you really must not have a door something im sure could be worked out. But you want to claim infringement on your rights, well thats about the only thing you could argue, and I don't think its a very valid argument. Also the same can be said for continuing to use triggers for info's ifs thats what your actually doing, which I gather you are. Bonehead is not a big insult, if you feel it is, then im sorry, but when I say this im saying that your actions have made it so that I at least don't value your opinions very much. Insisting that you must not have a door on your house is much the same as insisting on using triggers on info. I don't know you from adam so don't take it personally act reasonably and I for one will take you seriously.

From: Amadio Wednesday, May 05, 08:44PM

Personally, I don't like walking into spammy houses either, but since Khamul's got repossessed, the only ones I can think of are Ceri's and Alejandro's. I don't really see the point in making a huge fuss about two houses. If I'm wrong and there are more houses that are easy to spamwalk into besides the two I mentioned, feel free to correct me, but those are the only two I've run into.

From: McDonald Wednesday, May 05, 08:47PM

Agree Amadio, thats why I anyway said that it should made so they got doors by default so it won't happen in the future.

From: Ceri Wednesday, May 05, 08:54PM

I am willing to discuss this further with any rational people However, I am no longer going to even take into consideration the opinions of hot headed and hypocritical people. As I have attempted to discuss this with McDonald he refused to talk with me about it and so I guess he really has no problem if he doens't wish to talk but rather just enjoys causing a rucus and insulting people. If you really care abou something you are willing to discuss it rationally and logically, not just to state your opinion and act like you're right and that is the end of it. Anyone who has something to say to me, or anyone really on the mud should remember that we are all players on the other side of these characters and to respect that as much as you would if the disagreement were in person. Then again I suppose some of the people who play here would also be this way in person and so can never really understand my point. I guess that's all I have to say but again it comes back to being polite. I just don't understand some things in life and I guess the desire to be rude and to bash people is one of the things I don't understand, and if that is a character fault on my part then I think I'd rather be deficient. And yes, I do realize that this post has many personal aplications and doesn't apply to all but as for that, no, it is not what I would have prefered but when I tried to speak personally with McDonald he refused and even threatened me with harassment so, to that end, here it is for all to read. I guess I shouldn't allow anyone to push me towards something I disagree with (public bashing of personal problems) but i've tried my best to keep this logical and applicable to all. Thanks. Ceri

From: McDonald Wednesday, May 05, 09:34PM

Wow, sounds like Ceri is going off the deep end. While I was writing on this board she started in on me. I spoke with her briefly and said that I really didn't care to argue with her about it and if she had something to say she should post it here on the board. She insisted I should be willing to argue with her face to face. I stated that since the discussion started on the board I felt no qualms telling her that if she wanted to say something witty it should be on the board, and that since I didn't want to discuss it but on the board it could be construed as harassment. Although I will point out I've never turned anyone in for harassment as far as I can remember. As for her saying I threatened her with harassment I have no idea whats shes talking about, and clearly it was the other way around. One might also note that I do prefer talking things out here on the board, and guess what I guess that was a good idea since now Ceri makes up threats of harassment after we only talked briefly. Also public bashing of personal problems? I don't know what to make of this either. Only things I mentioned were her use of triggers and insistence that we would be infringing on her if we made doors on houses the default. I don't see anything personal here. Is mentioning that she continues to use triggers for info messages a personal attack? I think maybe she is too sensitive about this, I understand that there was a big ruckus about this previously, but I don't know the details. If your gonna accuse me of threatening me of harassment then I ask you Ceri to please keep all communication between me and you on a public board. I make no threats of any kind if you don't do this. Theres no need anyway since I can gag you if need be, but so far Ive never gagged anyone.

From: Tanzer Wednesday, May 05, 09:54PM

While we are on the subject, I'd like to bring up Ceri's grove. I'll pay a mage to firestorm me while we are in there.. Maybe we can scrap all her goddamn easter eggs. -egrin- Tanzer Scythe The Lawbringer

From: McDonald Wednesday, May 05, 09:53PM

Again to repeat the argument for you Ceri, without any namecalling. If you choose to make a house on a highly used path, and not put a door on it. You in fact are changing the layout of these paths, and infringing on others. If in fact you have a door on your house there would be no problem at all. I think what you do behind your door is your business. How someone might end up in your house is not the issue, whether they fled in there or typed in one too many directions. You state you memorize every direction but then qualify that statement by saying only a few paths from one point to another. Thats not the same. I think you must get a kick out of putting a bunch of eggs on the floor for others to see and leaving the door open for people to stumble in and see them. Sure a house wouldn't be very cool if noone ever visited, but maybe it could be fixed so that there was a sign saying Ceri's house come on in, go head and open the door. But instead you insist that you hav have a right to put a house on a main path and leave a bunch of crap on the ground. Please if you can, come up with a good reason why you should have this right, and please don't say we are infringing on what you do in your house. Its the room outside your house that I'm talking about.

From: Tiamat Wednesday, May 05, 11:52PM

My problem si both with the spam the odd time I do misstype and the sceond problem is trying to find mobs when they wander into thses same houses, I dont mind people collecting junk and doing whatever with it they please. but when I'm playing a lowbie or the odd time I mistype I get very tired of seeing teh same screen or two full of the same silly junk. It dont mind it once but after that It gets very annoying. As others have said I must agree the houses should A) automatically come with a door of some sort and B) they should close after a certain length of time. I Know i have been very seriously tempted to walk into one of these spammy houses and turn all the offending objects invisible. If you want to collect junk then please dont subject the rest of us to having to view it because your to cheap to buy a door and keep it closed. The arguement we should be better with our directions just doesn't hold any water when we have to walk into the houses looking for mobs that wander in. Tiamat

From: Ceri Thursday, May 06, 06:43AM

Firstly I find a few things here rather twisted. McDonald you sure have a way of twisting words around to suit the impression you're trying to make! I "started in on you" hmmm, I believe I said, "If you have questions about my opinions i'd be more than willing to talk to you about any questions you have regarding my actions" and when you coldly told me to post on the board I asked you why you weren't willing to discuss things except to publicly bash me on the board instead of a civilized way And yes, you did threaten harassment over something totally innapropriate, don't act like you didn't. Secondly, the saying do what you want behind closed doors is applicable in rl because you can SEE into the next room unless something is blocking your view. Here, it is a physical key stroke that brings you into that next room, if you stay out then there is no way you'll see my things. Also, the grove is the actual main room of my house, the one that was built first etc. And although you may think my stuff is crap, that's not what I think. I have already stated my reasons for why I believe I have the right to leave my things in MY house so I won't clutter the board with reposting. Read my other posts if you're really unsure. And btw if you reread my posts again, you'll see that even in your last append you changed my words around yet again. I did not say I memorized only a few paths, in fact I know all the main ones. YOU were the one that stated I qualified my statement by saying "Only a few paths" not me, please, do not try to tell me I've said other than I have either in chat with you personally or on this board when that is simply a way of twisting things to try and make a valid point. Ceri

From: Marcel Thursday, May 06, 10:02AM

It should actually be possible to code rooms as being no_mob - that means that unless fleeing, no mob will enter the room in question while wandering. Wouldn't that be an option to consider where those rooms that do not 'naturally' have doors are considered? Sacred groves don't have doors, that makes sense enough. If mobs don't wander in there, either, lowbies have no reason to. Marcel Alexander, Esquire.

From: McDonald Thursday, May 06, 09:51AM

I said not everyone memorizes all the rooms, and you said, you did memorize them, but only the main paths. I was saying thats not what I meant. sure everyone can memorize the main paths, but even so it still remains that someone could have memorized at one point go all west instead of go 10 west. Adding a house here changes the layout and makes one learn it a different way. As for the harassment thing, I think we had a mistunderstanding. You said I threatened you, in your previous post. What I did was say that I didn't want to argue with you about it and would rather discuss it on the boards, and yes I said it could be considered harassment if you didn't drop the matter and leave me alone. At no time did I threaten to turn you in for harassment, I've never done that and don't plan on starting. Just mentioning that some would consider certain actions harassment is enough. Just because I post on the board doesn't mean I want to be subjected to argumentative tells. When you said I threatened you I thought you meant, that I was harassing you. And yes you did offer to discuss things nicely, but if you wanted to do that maybe you should have not posted on the board at all. Its your right to post of course, but even if you discuss things with me personally and make a good argument, the posts go unanswered on the board. I don't know what your talking about behind closed doors and real life. What Im oops what im saying is, when you buy a house you a room you don't buy the room it adjoins, therefore its reasonable that you should not be able to affect the layout of the mud, Ie on main paths. If theres doors on houses that automatically close, then when someone adds a house to a main path, 99 perent of the time, unless they keep opening the door, the layout of the mud will not be affected. As someone said that theres only a couple houses on main paths its not really that big of a deal right now, but if/when theres practically a house on every spot available it will be a very big deal. I've played on muds where if you stumbled into housing areas you could easily get lost. And theres no rhyme or reason to it. Im sure you could understand how hard it would be to navigate if in every available spot for a house there was one and the doors where open. I could really care less about your house, I've never been in it personally, but the precedent is important. Thats why your argument that its the persons fault who goes the wrong direction, is boneheaded. Theres a couple options I can think of offhand that would fix this put cheap doors on houses by default and make them autoclose, or don't allow houses on main paths.

From: Tarn Thursday, May 06, 11:35AM

Firstly, chill out guys, ok? This is meant to be fun! As a house owner I can see Ceri's point of view. As a mud user I can see McDonald's point of view. I can think of multiple reasons why someone would enter Ceri's Grove. 1. they are a newbie and are told to go all east, when it's always been one east at that point. why not just tell them to go east. The map of the mud has not changed. 2. newbies/lowbies who flee from a mob they couldn't quite manage. 3. People who start their speedwalks from the wrong room and end up there by accident. I know I've done this one, and I've seen people hit DT's because of this one. 4. Newbies who are trying to explore and learn the mud often repeat the same mistakes as they learn their way around. 5. A certain mob in that area loads a certain item. I've seen discussion on this mob/item on this board before. If a certain type of mob wanders into Ceri's house, then people are going to go in there after it. There are probably more reasons, but I can't think of them right now. Sorry Ceri, but due to the multiple reasons people can end up in your house, I'm going to have to side with McDonald. Put the items in your trees etc, and get a zip string that says 'feel free to check out my nice items in my trees' if you want people to see your items, or get a door, please? Tarn of the USL -still crusading for doors that stay locked when you lock them-

From: Fairfax Thursday, May 06, 12:32PM

Only Ceri and Alejandro have spammy houses? I'm offended.. and all that effort for nothing. My house is on the MAIN MAIN path too. And while I shut my door all the time, people keep picking it and opening it. True, it's up.... I guess. However, I have to say that I've wandered into Ceri's grove a few times, and I don't really mind it. The grove is not at the end of a 9east corridor.. it's only a one east path. We really have no excuse for spamming two east when it's only one, while if it was 9 east and we spammed 10 we'd have ground for argument. Not to say I haven't gone in there by mistake, but like Ceri says, my bad. I was in a hurry, and overtyped. I cannot possibly blame Ceri for it. I mean would it be better if Ceri had nothing in that room? Doubt it. We're just annoyed that out margin for error is gone, not becaus we get lots of colour spam. I guess we'll just have to learn to type more carefully. Fairfax M.B.B.S. (Madras)

From: Amadio Thursday, May 06, 03:19PM

Like I said, it just seems like much ado about nothing. Just how often do you walk into spammy houses anyway? I haven't walked into Ceri's in... coupla weeks now, and I only did it once or twice in the first place. Both times I walked in it spammed me LD, so if she or anyone else wanted to get a door I wouldn't complain. But really, what's the big deal?

From: Celeste Friday, May 07, 10:05AM

Oookay, I wanna add a rather late append. I totally agree with Mcdonald's posts regarding memorizing patterns, and I personally find the lack of a door on Ceri's house incredibly irritating. I've had a pkiller blow 4 recall scrolls because I used the pattern ended up in her house, the pretype continued, and took me to guess where - the bog. So the idea of a door that autocloses would be spiffy, and really, if builders can find the time to think up an IC door for a druid grove - maybe wall of living thorns, whatever, I think itd be a really great idea to implement. I guess my point is not all of us think/function the same way, and it woul d be nice if there were provisions made for different people as opposed to what seems to be Ceri's attitude of "this is the way I like it, and it's my right, so there." Ces

From: McDonald Friday, May 07, 02:04PM

Wow, and I was thinking of posting that it wasn't that big of deal since knowone had the same problem with it as me, only a problem with the spam. Spam is irritating, but I can live with it.

From: Ceri Friday, May 07, 03:54PM

Celeste, what is any different about your opinion that I should have a door, reasons have been cited for both sides. You're saying the same exact thing, "this isn't the way I like it, and it inconviences me from learning the right way to do something, so there." Ceri

From: McDonald Friday, May 07, 08:57PM

I think your problem Ceri, and the reason you piss ppl off. Is cuz you say things like in your previous post, where you say and it inconviences me from learning the right way to do something I don't think we need you to tell us the right way to do anything. As for Celeste's post not saying anything knew, its the first that showed they got my problem with doors on houses. I for one am not complaining about your house, but all houses, so quit being so defensive. I'm sure you can find away around the system anyway like you did with the info message change. Guess you would sit your char outside your house and make a trigger to reopen the door when it swung closed hehe.

From: Celeste Saturday, May 08, 05:59AM

A) it'd be nice if you tried to be civil Ceri. B) You bought your house, true. What you -didn't- buy was the room outside it. C) I used to use the pattern there but -shrug- I've had to conform to what you want because of the lack of a door. Therefore, I -have- made the concession you were talking about, and you've done nothing. And while I might not have said anything new in my post, the reason I posted it -was- also, as mcdonald pointed out, to speak as someone who generally uses patterns to navigate. Ces

From: Yorm Saturday, May 08, 09:29AM

It seems fairly clear to me, that Ceri and others like her only need doors to keep out psychos like McDonald, Celeste, Tanzer and others who wish to make everyone conform to their own standards. Yes, I've walked into her house and yes, it is spammy. On the other hand, it's not my home and I, and others, have no right to tell her what she can and cannot do with it. (As long as she is following the rules.) Of course, if they were to buy containers and have them strung appropriately and place all of their possessions into the containers, there'd be less spam for people to complain about. Not that people wouldn't stop complaining, since some people seem to enjoy making the lives of others miserable. There is, afterall, still the question of doors. Why should people have to have doors? Can't they just leave the entrance to their home open as a friendly invitation to stop by? What is with this auto closing of doors anyhow? It seems to me that there is some PK reason that several people wish to have them. If you mistakenly enter somebody's house, it is your own damn fault. Pay attention to where you are and where you are going. Don't just mindlessly spam directions. -Yorm-

From: Amadio Saturday, May 08, 09:42AM

Geez, this always happens. Y'know, I didn't really care if people had doors on their houses or not until this discussion started to get going and Ceri and Yorm started posting. Especially Yorm- first of all, who are you to call anyone a 'psycho'? Could you possibly be any more rude? Secondly-it is -impossible- to memorize exact directions around the mud. I challenge anyone to know exactly how many rooms it is from...say, the French Beach to Romania. It's 2s, 3e, 3n, and then e alot and that gets me there. If someone stuck a house on the eastern end of that long run, I'd be in there all the damn time. So would everyone else. Now, I still think, if you don't wanna stick a door on your house, fine, that's your own business. But you've gotta expect people walking in it, and for Christ's sake don't start insulting them for not knowing where they're going, it just makes you look like a pissant. -snore- old guy

From: Yorm Saturday, May 08, 10:12AM

I see... so Amadio... you consider it normal to want to go into houses and be firestormed just to damage the eq or to go in and fade all of the items? I don't expect anyone to memorize the entire mud, but I can tell you that the number you seek is twelve and if you were going to the HOL or Klein, you'd only go ten. If you don't know where you are, slow down. Don't expect people to buy doors just so you can continue your lazy and mindless meandering. I think it would be quite amusing if builders were to put in DT's at the end of long stretches like that. I imagine that would make you start to pay attention rather quickly... -Yorm-

From: Amadio Saturday, May 08, 10:24AM

-eyeroll- Get lost.

From: Fairfax Saturday, May 08, 11:39AM

Like I mentioned, Ceri's house is at the end of a turning ONE east, and not ten, so I really don't think the "It ruins my spamming east" argument holds any water whatsoever. Having said that, I've entered that grove a few times myself. The conclusion I came to was that it was due to the 2 east from the crossroads, and the LONG spammy east after the pookah which makes it so natural to spam east there. Crossroads, spam east, stop just under my treehouse, one north (which of course NO one spams), spam east, spam south, spam east, north, spam east into Orkney etc... it's natural, and I don't really blame anyone for doing it. I do it. However, I don't see how our choice to spam directions are in any way the fault of Ceri's. If we have the discipline to type one north from the path under my house (to avoid some rather unpleasant experience north of the Dolmen), why can't we have the discipline to type ONE east from the Dolmen? I think it just takes getting used to, and although I still barge into Ceri's grove often (It reallyreallyreally feels like 2 east from the Dolmen to get to the nightshade, I don't know why), I have to say that our entry is no one's fault but our own. No one spams past the reef, or Salem's path to the village, or the Baja Peninsula, so I guess this is the same thing. Just be glad we don't have to pay dearly for our mistakes if we did in this case. Fairfax M.B.B.S. (Madras)

From: Amadio Saturday, May 08, 01:16PM

I'll say it again- I don't object to people not wanting to put doors on their houses. I object to being insulted because, yes, I do spamwalk around the mud, yes, I do walk into people's houses by accident, but no, that doesn't make me a moron or a bad player.

From: McDonald Saturday, May 08, 02:29PM

Ok first off, Worm. noone is being lazy or mindlessly meandering. Sure you might have the directions to a few places memorized, but if you have the whole mud memorized this way, your just a plain idiot. That be sorta like storing your songs in .wav format instead of .mp3. I personally know where all the dts are, and when im around them im more precise in my typing. Your falling into the same trap as Ceri and judging ppl, for the way they play. Doubt that will gain you many supporters, and as I've said I for one, never pointed out Ceri and said her house sucked or that it needed to be fixed specifically, not at least till she started posting about everyone being lost. What surprises me is yall act like its gonna kill you if houses do get doors. Also this is a discussion board, notice we arent, or at least I'm not discussing making Ceri fix her house individually, I'm talking about changing the default way of doing houses. The reason I got peeved in the first place was Ceri posting so defensively saying everyone was wrong and lost if they came in her house. Think of houses not having doors as an oversight.

From: McDonald Saturday, May 08, 02:43PM

Fairfax, if your talking about how the mud is setup, ie what changes should be made, how should things be done etc, then it does matter, and the it ruins my spamming does hold water. If you will notice I even said as far as I was concerned if Ceri has a valid Rp reason not to have a door an exception could be made, but in the future someone could and probably will make houses in annoying places. Lets not argue about one persons house, but about housing in general.

From: Ghandi Saturday, May 08, 02:35PM

I tend to spam walk in some areas too, perhaps if I didn't have constant lag I'd have learnt every area by now but since I often see rooms in bursts and don't have the patience to wait for each room title to appear I'll probably go another 4-5 years doing the same. Anyway, I'm amazed people would like their houses in such a mess in the first place but am more concerned about the placement of houses in general. Imagine being new to the MUD, it must be kinda annoying to run into so many player houses while exploring and having to try pick lock on so many doors that aren't even pickable. Houses need to be highly distinguishable with EXITS day and night.

From: McDonald Saturday, May 08, 02:52PM

Agree Ghandi. I for one think we have argued enough about this. Though as long as ppl post crap ill argue, maybe if we were more constructive. Wouldn't it be neat if they had doors, but players could add a message about their house, either in the room its connected too, or in the exits of the room its connected too. Like {a road} exits east west south (johndoe's house, please come visit) Or maybe it could be done like, a permanent illusion in the room its connected too. Another thing, case yall havent realised, the most annoying rooms to stumble into are the ones you _don't_ know about. I'm sure over time there will be a lot of houses added and dropped. So where spamming directions today might work, tomorrow it might not. So this really invalidates spamming directions. Think about it, normally when does the layout of the mud change? Usually _only_ when a new area is added. So adding one house without a door affects the basic layout the same to a point.

From: McDonald Saturday, May 08, 03:05PM

Make no mistake, your saying that the way others play the mud is wrong. Invalidating their style of play. I don't know where you think you get this right. Is there anyone that likes being told they play the mud stupidly? Doesn't this piss anyone off? And of course I don't mean only those that spam directions. Good thing about open discussions like these though, post this way and it comes back in your face.

From: Nothing Sunday, May 09, 12:26AM

Ok, now I'm offended. Just cuz I memorized 90% of the mud and can give exact directions from say Midir to Dis means I'm an idiot McDonald? Just play here long enough, and I mean play, not sit in an inn all day, and you'll memorize most of it too. -Nothing but love for ya baby

From: McDonald Sunday, May 09, 12:29AM

I can give directions also, but when im moving fast I dont try to ask myself what room im in and how many rooms do i need to go to go so and so, i just the the fingers do the walking.


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