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you know levelling isn't that hard

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Posted by Tarn on 05/10

I just logged on my 4 alts. All of them have less 100 hours on them. There's the explorer char I created, purely to map the mud. She hasn't been out there aiming to level, just killing mobs along the way. In 63 hours, she has reached level 24. There's my create mage. In 42 hours, she has reached level 17. There's my cause mage. In 55 hours she has got to level 18. Last is my little str fighter, who is a little slow. She has only reached level 11 in 32 hours. I am by no means a fast leveller. I don't claim to be. I spend a lot of my time in all my chars helping those who ask nicely for reasonable things. I don't consider 'level me' to be a reasonable request. And you know, most of it has been done on my own merits. I've either killed solo, or grouped and actively participated in the group, either hitting or casting useful spells. So, as a slow leveller, let me tell a certain person, it's really not that hard at all, and it's where the fun is in this mud. Even when I'm not actively trying to level I can't seem to avoid it, as my explorer char shows. This char has over 300 hours, and is having a ball. I spend a lot of time healing, helping, grouping, hitting on the interesting mobs. My message basically is, if you want the rewards, you have to put the effort in. Tarn of the USL

From: Ton Tuesday, May 04, 08:48PM

I can definately agree that levelling is not hard. Hell, I've gotten to level 50 in about 50 hours before, and really not that much more than that under this new system (80 hours or so). Both with more than a little time spent RPing and talking and just sitting around. Its not difficulty that makes this mud annoying to level on now, its the repitition and monotony. I still believe that killing mobs higher level than you needs to give an xp bonus based on the level difference between you and the said mob. This bonus need not be huge, even a couple percent bonus per level difference is a start. If my level 30 character can use all his mana and hits to kill a level 50 mob, and barely do so, I don't see how it is unbalancing for him to recieve a 40% bonus to xp, getting 35,000 xp for the mob, instead of 25,000 xp. Its not a huge change. I am not sure if people still think the xp scale needs to be chaged and tweaked or not, but I still believe it does. Ton

From: Tyrion Tuesday, May 04, 10:03PM

No leveling is not truely 'hard' what leveling is is mindnumbingly boring as you advance in levels. We've been saying it since the new xp scale went in and have been ignored ever since. I dont mind leveling being reasonably difficult but having leveling reduced from somethign were quaility killing has been replaced by quantity killing I cant say I've been impressed, heck it not like the immorts here dont know it, but they have for whatever reason decided to keep xping the horrible mindnumbing experience it is. I cant think of a person that finds leveling past 35 or so, and especially past level 40 to find it in anyway 'fun' You spend 10 minutes killing and the next 30 minutes healing/ meditating. Oh sure you could have a healer along but it still doesn't solve the problem of the current philosophy of quantity of killing rather than quality killing. I ahve to agree with Ton in the fact that the rewards for killing above you level needs to be increased. I persoanlly would have anytime one kills a mob 5 or more levels higher than them or any level 50 mob recieve a random xp bonus of -10% to +50% for each kill, and yes this dies make it possible to get less xp than you should for a kill but would do wonders to reduce the sheer boredom at higher levels. Anyways now that I've had my vent :P Tyrion

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 04, 10:39PM

I agree. There is a big problem with leveling once you get to 39. Quantity over quality just as you state. I said this from the

From: Ghandi Tuesday, May 04, 10:55PM

I'd rather mobs just existed for eq and quests for eq. Have 10-20 levels, and it'd work like going for a belt in martial arts, up to 10th dan. You'd go through a test of sorts, possibly soloing 1 big mob or soloing a bunch of smaller ones to achieve the next level. Once you obtain the eq needed, maximizing your rent limit you're ready for the next level.. Possibly requiring a quest each level also. -shrug- not that it would ever happen but there are other options to the usual killing an endless # of mobs / level.

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 04, 11:53PM

Lost link, continuing, I said from the start that this was a problem. Ghandi has a good idea I think with the quests, wouldn't it be neat if the xp scale was made to work like before the changes for the most part, but it was required that you do a quest in order to level? Ie you need 50 whois' to get to lvl 50, heck new quests could be added for this purpose or it could be made so that one had to do a certain quest to get a certain level. Jean has not much right to speak on this issue, but at high levels the xp for kills is a major problem, definately kill a mob heal for 15 minutes type deal. Too bad theres no discussion from the imms on this. Do they think we are being stupid players that would destroy the mud when we say this? On a side note remember I've long said that leveling shouldn't be made too easy. Hard leveling is what adds values to these levels, but there is a problem when you can get 5k xp at lvl 10 or so but only 25k at lvl 50. We need bonus for mobs over level like before, something can be done to fix finishing mobs im sure.

From: Celeste Friday, May 07, 10:23AM

Would it be possible to have the xp value of a mob doubled if the person that lands the deathblow is the same level as the mob? With all other xp thingies remaining the same as they are now, taht is That would make powerlevelling no easier than it is now (and it still is now), while possibly reducing some of the tedium, and making it a) a littl more worthwhile getting xp at 50, and b) stopping say a level 35 from wipi more worthwhile getting xp at 50, and b) stopping say a level 35 from wiping out every mob 1-5 levels below him/her in the vicinity, thereby leaving more xp mobs for everyone in general, while not dramatically reducing the xp the level 35 gets, since the 50% extra on mobs of own level would help balance it. Though hmm, this might not be so good for grouping. Or maybe whoever's in the group that kills the xp mob, and is a perfect match for the mob, gets the allocated xp doubled, and the rest of the people all get the normal? Not sure how possible this is, but it could be interesting Ces

From: Guan-Yu Monday, May 10, 01:20PM

It's boring.

From: Dulcimer Monday, May 10, 01:23PM

Of course getting xp is boring, it always has been, it just takes longer now. It's not what I'd call hard, just tedious.

From: Guan-Yu Monday, May 10, 01:24PM

-nod- Now it's VERY boring.


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