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Posted by Gwalchmai on 05/06

Would it be possible to have a new mob capable of distributing these FAQ sheets, since the old ones no longer do. NPH trans mobs being -mourn- defunct, and the only other one who gave them out on request not doing it any more? It takes a far longer time to explain everything written in the FAQ than to just tell a newbie to "read FAQ", and if they lost it because they couldn't find their corpses after dying, which happens to many true newbies, it would at least be possible to give them another copy. Or perhaps have FAQ sheets sold in hometowns much like the current hometown maps are? Gwalchmai ap Lot

From: LadyAce Monday, May 03, 02:37PM

I think it's doable, easy, and probably belongs in the OOC. But then again, you can always ask an imm to load one, we can do it spiffily and for free and we even deliver! -LA

From: Chimera Monday, May 03, 07:07PM

Except that lots of us don't have load. I like hometown mobs doing it, to be honest. ooc is good too, but how many newbies know about ooc to begin with? Selling em is a good idea, except that if a newbie lost his faq in his corpse, he/she probably also lost his/her money along with it.... Chim

From: Davien Monday, May 03, 10:56PM

Also there are quite often times when there are no visible imms. OK there might be some around, but they usually don't respond. They could be worth 0gp as well. I think I remember some items being worth 0 in shops, but I could be wrong. Or an Innkeeper would load one and give it to you if you ask. -shrug- Good idea overall anyway. Davien Holyoake

From: Croaker Wednesday, May 05, 04:13PM

Eumaios (innkeeper in Ithaca) will give you a faq sheet if you ask him almost any newbieish question. Croaker

From: Skar Thursday, May 06, 04:21PM

Perhaps the faq could be duplicated in the help files somehow, so that 'help faq' would give you a listing of topics from the faq?


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