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Player owned shops!

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Posted by Ton on 05/07

Ok, this was planned at some point when housing was going in I was told, b ut I have heard nothing about it since then. Player owned shops. Ones that will function totally when the owner isn't even online. Features include: o 1/10th rent of item added to housing cost per day, if its for sale. Item that is for sale can not be taken back from being on sale. o Owner can set price of item o money automatically goes into owners (or clans) bank account upon a sale o any member of given clan can add an item to the sale list, or edit price o Obviously, the cost for this type of house or ability should be higher than that of a regular house o items should be displayed via a list command like mob shops o items should be able to be in a container and not on the floor if they are for sale I am sure you get the idea. This would be a huge, huge, hugely cool thing to add in my opinion. Just wondering what the status on it is. Ton

From: Ton Thursday, May 06, 12:56PM

Upon furthur discussion, only the person that put the item up for sale should be able to edit the price of it.

From: Ton Thursday, May 06, 01:01PM

1/10 of item rent added, meaning item would rent at 10% of its normal rent value when considered for housing costs, not at 110%.

From: McDonald Thursday, May 06, 01:08PM

Course that would just mean its a storage container that knocks off 90perc percent of the cost no?

From: McDonald Thursday, May 06, 01:10PM

Guess there would have to be a minimum sale price say 2x or 5x rent cost, and put a small mud tax on it too, that way it would be costly to transfer eq this way, but if the person pays a fair price is there anything wrong with this? Maybe any item for sale must be listed for a certain amount of time, say 7rl days. This way everyone would see that its available. If it was automated the 7 day wait wouldn't be a problem?

From: McDonald Thursday, May 06, 01:18PM

On the other hand considering its against the rules now, to sell something in a shop and log on another char and buy it, this should be a moot point, imms alread get suspicious and snoop ppl when they switch chars like this, So it doesnt really matter does it?

From: LadyAce Friday, May 07, 09:44AM

Player-owned shops are waiting on pets. While you would have to ask Rufus and or Ea to get a definitive answer on this, I would say that trees are definitely a priority over pets right now. This doesn't preclude the fact that Rufus may go nuts one weekend, code nonstop, and present the project before then, however, given the fact that many of the niftier traits with pets require trees, I think it's fairly unlikely to be finished before trees. On the other hand, it's my understanding that pets will go in as a series of steps, with more sophisticated abilities in each stage, i.e. guards first. However, as far as I know, there's no new information on the pets front, since the time when Rufus stopped working on pets, to finish housing. -LA


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