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Posted by Lethargio on 05/11

I wish there was a way for non-mages to at least be able to check on how many hours left on a preserved item. Its annoying enough that you have to keep on asking someone to preserve, but things poofing because you forgot how much hours are in it really sucks. Then again, maybe thats the price you pay for using decaying stuff anyway. What do you guys think? Leth

From: Huck Sunday, May 09, 02:16AM

actually, there is a way for non-mages to check hours left on a preserve item. Or there was, I haven't used it in a looong time. Huck

From: Ghandi Sunday, May 09, 10:38AM

I always considered preserve eq for create mages only.. Well, garnets etc were used by all at one stage but then bags preserved too. I found even as a create mage, having to worry about timed items was a pain yet alone using them as a different kinda char that can't preserve.

From: Love Sunday, May 09, 11:29AM

There's an in game way to check it, and it's easy and cheap too. (er how many hours left on an item taht is) Lady Love

From: Deicide Tuesday, May 11, 10:01AM

I don't think we should be able to know how many hours are left but I certainly feel there should be SOME sort of decay message as a warning that time is running out like bits of metal falling off the horseshoe.. or it shimmering between the voids of vis and invis.. Something atleast.. I don't like playing games when it comes to guessing how many hours my shoe has left. Annoyed,

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 11, 10:03AM

What would be cool, is if there was some kickass eq, that was timed but couldn't be preserved, hehe. Since I can't preserve anyway!

From: Dulcimer Tuesday, May 11, 11:26AM

There are kickass items that are timed but can't be preserved :P

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 11, 11:49AM

Depends on your definition of kickass I guess.


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