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Posted by Azash on 05/11

Blind sucks, when I need more than 5 clear potions against a sniper character who is diping his arrows in blinding potion. i can send log where I fought with Deft. Only one thing I could make than he blinded me again, type quaff clear and immeditaly after it I was blinded again.. This fight sucked, but i know it is way how sniper can win. yeah, Deft won, because I crashed into Diancecht. Probably i will be glad if we will change it. For example I can be blind only once in 1 or 2 ticks. -shrug- Azash

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 11, 09:55AM

good idea, once a tick, I mean.

From: Deicide Tuesday, May 11, 10:05AM

No reason to change blind.. it's already WAY underpowered seeing how ANYONE can run to rent and you can even unlock and lock your clan doors. Blind doesnt last long, and since you an see where you are going.. you can run or even hide wihle it lasts.. it doesnt last very long Blind is the ONE thing the sniper has left in his pkill arsenal. Taking away blind ould TRASH the already becoming extinct pure sniper. by pure sniper I mean dex/perc.. not the Craven con/dex with perc. -Dei

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 11, 10:08AM

I don't think its underpowered, just different mainly. It takes off a whole lot of movement, when you run, which is very powerful. If your not very close to an inn or clanhall you may never make it.

From: Deicide Tuesday, May 11, 10:09AM

I should probably be writing this with a pkiller but from my experience, people sit in the inns, houses and safe rooms only..especially the big mouth lowbie punks. All smart clans have lotsa areas to run to anyway.

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 11, 10:11AM

Heh, if your gonna make it so ppl that stay in their clan hall are killable somehow, it might unbalance the system. Ie, don't base the effectiveness of blind on ppl that stay one room away from safety.

From: Deicide Tuesday, May 11, 10:13AM

Im not.. you were just saying that people that are blind never make it to a safe room or hall.. but they never eave these rooms to begin with.. and I liked the old blind where you didnt know which room you were in.. this way people couldnt just dash to a safe room.. even if it was one room away because you wouldnt know where you were. The fact that you can see where you are running kidna defeats half the purpose of the blind spell.

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 11, 10:17AM

I think you need to reread what I said. It was if your not close to a clanhall or inn, you might never make it to said inn or clanhall, not that ppl never make it to clanhall or inn. As for ppl never leaving clanhall or inn, your full of crap there. Pkill is two sided, if someone never leaves their clanhall or ooc maybe you should consider not bothering about them. If they never attack you back then your just picking on them. Given this, if you were someone that could blind ppl with arrows, it might be a good idea to go somewhere where there isn't an inn or clanhall nearby and see if they will attack you. I say it again, if your wanting skills that will make it so you can kill ppl while they are in an inn, then that skill or spell will be overpowered.

From: Tanzer Tuesday, May 11, 10:23AM

I play that kinda game and to be honest, I am the hunter. and the people that I hunt are ALWAYS near safety. I can't even GET people to attack ME. Filmy vials are a pain in the ass t as it is.. I can't stand wasting a filmy on someone that just runs and runs over and over. In order to power up snipers, we need to be able to dip a BIND potion. Sorry Mcd, you and I know that won't work. I can't hang around in the middle of nowhere and expect people to A) hunt me down in the middle of nowhere and it's hard to find a spot that isnt close to an inn or hall. Thankfully most all the safe rooms are gone.. I can't stand those. Tanzer Scythe, the hunter not the hunted.

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 11, 10:38AM

If noone will attack you maybe its time to level up. Noone has attacked me in a long time either, but I don't attack people unless they attack me. I don't think we need people who only attack others and never get attacked. If someone stops attacking me I stop attacking them. If they are that easy to kill then whats the point. If you can kill everyone at a lower level and everyone runs from you, thats not a big deal. If you can do it at lvl 50 id say wow, but I'm sure there are plenty of lvl 50 ppl that will be glad to attack you.

From: Ghandi Tuesday, May 11, 10:51AM

As far as blinding arrows go, you have no option but to keep up your sink (if you have one) and hope the shooter doesn't decide to dispel you continually to waste your mana or you fight blind! You can only carry around so many vials or cure with the spell so many times. You're better off just staying blind most the time :( Renting will just clear alertness and let them backstab you again. I dunno what the answer is, snipers suck without blinding arrows and aren't even that great with them depending on the individual. Filmys need to be easier to get (I recall what a pain it was to collect them after every fight) but perhaps you shouldn't be able to dip whole quivers and should revert back to single arrows for dipping. I also have to add that nothing should be changed until snipers are at least able to hit more often with 80 perc.


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