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Posted by Deicide on 05/14

As far as I am aware, being drunk has very little effect on gameplay. Perhaps that should be changed? I think being drunk should give you a natural resistance to bashing and slashing attacks but would give your a MAJOR vulnerability against stun spells and other magic... and also a vulnerability against bash I think it would be a fantastic use in pkill.. and people would certainly carry around wineskins when mobkilling certain mobs.. You just need to learn when to use it efficiently.. I.e.- getting drunk before fighting a sniper is a good idea... getting drunk before fighting a dex mage would be a BAD idea. Just my thoughts on drunk, I'd like to see it used in the game some more.

From: Lethargio Friday, May 14, 04:57AM

personally, I think drunkeness should lower, not improve you're chances on someone. But this should come with the ability to allow people to make other people drunk.

From: Tad Friday, May 14, 06:01AM

why would getting drunk ever HELP you in a fight? -boggle- -Tad

From: Deicide Friday, May 14, 05:51PM

Like I said.. getting drunk wouldn't neccessarily help you.. it depends on who you are fighting.. Being drunk certain has it's advantages.. first being you won't feel pain as quickly due to response time and dulled nerve reflexes. this should be an advantage for fighting someone with a staff or sword, which unlock east open east east close west lock west bruises and slash marks.. daggers usually pierce so being drunk

From: Deicide Friday, May 14, 05:53PM

Stupid alias went off, anyway.. daggers usually pierce and being drunk wouldn't help very much.. and the negative aspect of being drunk is obviously mental dullness.. and spells against the drunk target should tear him apar t.. Anyway.. i'd like to see it used somehow Dei


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