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cheating mobs

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Posted by McDonald on 05/11

I'm wondering what everyone thinks of mobs that do acts, or skills 0 ms after you enter a room. Personally I think this is wrong. Actually cheating on mobs part, and poor form on a builders part. I think it tends to make people not go to an area if stuff like this happens, I would think builders would want to avoid that. The specific mob I'm referring too are pilots in indust. In the area which is called Somme I think always get the names confused.

From: Deicide Tuesday, May 11, 10:07AM

Yes and I noticed that most of the HOL mobs.. Sansaria for example have be en changed.. Sansaria now kicks you upon entering the room while agg.. and he does it immediately.. Dew does his special immediately as well.

From: LadyAce Tuesday, May 11, 10:28AM

It's very easy to make mobs "cheat" -- particularly on accident. You should point them out to the area's builder, and see what they have to say. -LA

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 11, 08:21PM

Well actually it looked more like a bug to me. Err every mob that does an act upon your entrance into the room. I think if you try youll find this to be the case. Big Jim is one if I remember right. Kordan has been like this for a looong time, but since its hol mob I never really considered it cheating. Aren't these all using the same acts, or code? It would be nice if a small wait was added to simulate them noticing you entering. Fast enough that you needed to type fairly quickly, but not so fast it was impossible. On these type mobs its actually worse if they start fleeing. Please look at it. Ill also bug report it.


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