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Posted by Ghandi on 05/15

Been trying to come up with a way to replace 'cast level' as we all know how painful it is, especially as a pkiller wanting good cast levels. One quick'n easy way would be to base it off order learnt but newbie mages can still mess up their characters. On duris you would memorize your spells before each fight, it worked ok but it's a bit of a pain and doesn't do much to distinguish one mage from the next. I'm thinking something more along the lines of 'practicing' but without actually using the spell to make it possible to adjust before each fight. You could have up to say 10 spells which can be memorized for a 'bonus' on its ability, perhaps extended time on prep spells, more chance of wfw with stun, more chance to get past sinks with others like blind, more damage from others like immolate etc. You could then "Focus " from the list of 10 which will increase in power while decreasing others based on percentage. ie: Immolate 30% Stun 30% Magic Sink 20% Blind 10% Weaken 5% Clumsy 5% Perhaps it could also reduce the mana cost.. It has a lot of possibilities, maybe a bit too much work at this stage but I hope cast level is replaced in some way. It's such a pain.

From: Okeanos Friday, May 14, 08:17AM

If I remember correctly... there was some talk about how the the effectiveness of various skills would be dependent on how often it is used under the proposed skills trees.... heh skills trees... anyways, just wondering if spellcasting could be modeled on a similar principle where frequently used spells could either be more effective (damage wise or lower frequency of fails) or cost less mana to cast... :) just another 2 cents on my part :) Okeanos, the "wet" titan =P

From: Dulcimer Friday, May 14, 10:02AM

The difference between spells and skills is that spells can be cast with no target, while skills can only be used against stuff. Well, a lot of them anyway. So I could forsee some potential problems with people just spamming certain spells for an hour or so at a time to make them better, if the usage thingy was applied to spells as well. Dulcie

From: Ghandi Friday, May 14, 11:47AM

Umm, that's why I suggested something different.. A system where you benefit from casting spells over and over probably isn't the way to go. What's needed is a method which gives the same result but isn't exploitable by setting up triggers or too slow to allow changes in tactics within a reasonable time period.

From: Dulcimer Friday, May 14, 01:32PM

-nod Ghandi- I was responding to Okeanos' append, not you original post.

From: Darkheart Friday, May 14, 04:47PM

I personally don't mind cast level too much, in my experience (since i've never really had a 100 mind pk mage) cast level gives way to high mind, especially spells that are considered useful. Blind has never failed for me in pk, and other than stuff you learn past 25, i have rarely seen any spells other than stuns fail.

From: Azash Saturday, May 15, 06:12PM

Spells are okay.


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