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Posted by Darkheart on 05/30

Does nothing as far as I can see -- I guess having it replace/mimick the calm skill would be too good (esp with 0% failure) but at least have it get rid of rage/inspire? It's rather frustrating to find out that the ace up your sleeve had its code yanked without so much as an announcement. Dh

From: Azash Saturday, May 15, 06:13PM

I hope I will sometime inspire you.. :P

From: Kaige Sunday, May 16, 10:48AM

Hmm... I just checked and the majority of the code on this particular spell hasn't changed since Feb '98. Which was the second version under the version control system we're using. There were a couple of minor line format changes since then, but that was mostly indenting. =) Otherwise the code for this spell looks like it does exactly what the help file says it does. So I'm a little confused about how it was "changed" so radically. -Kaige

From: Darkheart Monday, May 17, 08:13PM

If I recall correctly, february 98 was when I was active as either Vaj or Agni, and back then the calm spell did work even while the caster was fighting. Currently, through probably some other code change, it doesn't work when the caster is involved in combat. That's the part I have problem with, since it no longer allows the combatant to cast the spell in order to negate effects of inspire/rage. I would suggest you test it out, with means not available to us, as our fieldtesting show that the caster cannot be involved in combat for this spell to work. Dh

From: Whiplash Sunday, May 30, 06:21AM

calm spell works, but you have to 'target' it, even if only to yourself


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