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Catching Arrows

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Posted by McDonald on 05/24

You ever anyone catch an arrow, in a movie or something? Given that its possible for someone to do this rl, I think it should be skill with maybe an 80 dex req. Or add it in as a natural innate ability for some towns, that just kicks in when you get 80 dex. Could this be done on this system?

From: Chimera Saturday, May 15, 03:50PM

I hardly think movies qualify as real life. On the other hand, niether does legend. And I'm no coder, but from a 'real life' standpoint, I just don't see this happenin.

From: Azash Saturday, May 15, 06:24PM

Then you need to think about better change. Right now, if you are dueling a sniper, who is using blinding arrows, you are glad if you are getting some skills in, other way is run some places from him and quaff there, but then

From: Azash Saturday, May 15, 06:26PM

Scream, reconnected... Other way is run some rooms from him or her and quaff or cast right spell there, but then you are outa mvs soon. shrug, I don't know. I think, it is way how to be powerful. Maybe I'm bad Azash

From: Lyle Saturday, May 15, 10:12PM

Maybe not catching arrows, but using a shield to block arrows is very plausible. Or maybe with a lesser chance of success, using your weapon to deflect the arrows. Don't know if I like the idea, but just giving some alternatives to catching arrows. -Lyle

From: Ghandi Sunday, May 16, 01:26AM

I think people dodge enough as it is. If that were to be added then it should only make dodge display different messages and not make it even less likely to hit with guns/bows.

From: Nosferatu Sunday, May 16, 03:18AM

I think AC should be wagered into arrows effictiveness, I mean someone with -100 ac is pretty damn well armored and agile, they should have a bet better chance of deflecting arrows, rolling with arrows, or having the arr arrow deal damage by the _force of impact_ but not breaking skin as to aff affect with whatever the arrow has been dipped with. If a lumbering knigh in full plate mail was walking towards you, fully armored, i really find it impossible to believe every dinky arrow shot finds a chink in the armor , get my drift? Nosferatu - Too many arrow wounds to count

From: Wrecked'm Sunday, May 16, 06:18AM

Depends on the bow I guess, English long bows could pierce heavy armor at long range but still, go with what works.

From: Bronwyn Monday, May 24, 04:13AM

No one really likes to hear someone 'realistically' explain things, but: A fully armored knight didn't have a lot of visibility, and wasn't too darned agile, but the armor (chain, and plate) often deflected arrows... however by about oh, the invention of the Welsh/English longbow and then the crossbow, armor wasn't worth much against an arrow, and about all someone could count on was not being where the arrow landed. With a very high dex you just might have about the same chance of catching an arrow fired from a low-pull bow as you do catching a dagger thrown at you -chuckle- Personally I think it would be rather humorous to have players occasionally catch the WRONG end of a dagger...ouch. Sure, catching a ball someone tosses at you is one thing, but grabbing at arrows and daggers and other sharp, pointy objects seems a little dangerous. I imagine I'm digressing, but I agree with a few of the people who say bows don't hit as often as they should... perhaps when skillstrees go in (whenever that is) some better bow skills will go in for the people who like using ranged weapons that don't want to use guns. Of course, wth something like an addition of better bows, arrow types that do more damage and such, bows might have to have similar problems to guns that jam/explode... like bow-strings breaking, bows cracking, or on a crossbow (powerful weapons, those) having the winding mechanism have a chance of going wonky... It's a trade-off... a more powerful weapon, but often they weren't entirely dependable. -Bron


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