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Posted by Ibrahim on 05/24

Could anyone please explain to me the rationale behind making chars unable to see AC until level 6? It's not like there aren't still ways of figuring out your stats before 10, this change just makes it more annoying to do so. Maybe that's the point. But I also think that people who know the mud well enough to figure out their stats before level 10 shouldn't be discouraged to do so. Ibrahim

From: Darkheart Sunday, May 16, 02:59AM

yah! they yanked hit/damroll, now they yanked acs! next thing you know, as a lvl 1, you prolly won't even get to see how much kg you are carrying :p

From: Brew Sunday, May 16, 10:48PM

As a fairly new legend players (about a year) I barely know the area's of the mud far from Tara, Agrabah, Sherwood, Klein, Romania and if you ask me anything about Industrial other than Fuzar and London, I'll be clueless. And as for the items... I only know most of the major items the high rent and +5 net ones. Basically the stuff everyone uses. When I start out a new character, I'm not used to the little things.. non-stat armor and the such. At such a low level, I'd rather get hit less than hit the mob more or do more damage, so that AC thing was rather nice. I was sorry to see it go, but... oh well, such is life -Me

From: Zeppelin Monday, May 17, 02:46PM

Not seeing stats is just a lame idea that the imms here like. IT adds zero game value, but oh well. play EverQuest!

From: Luna Saturday, May 22, 02:35AM

Well, its seems to me that not seeing your AC could be a good thing. I mean, how many people go, "Let me look at my AC befor I fight this mob" Probly none. Thats why its good. You dont look at it, you die, you quit the mud and make less lag for me. Thus, its good >:] Luna

From: Bronwyn Monday, May 24, 04:23AM

Hrmm... seems that no matter how inexperienced you are, you'd have a decent idea of how much armor/clothing you're wearing. Considering the only way we have in this game of knowing how much chant vina pur ex an item has is by putting it on and checking, taking tha that ability away from new players is sort of unreasonable, unless it can be replaced by some command allowing a player to evaluate a piece of equipment to tell, roughly, how good a piece of armor it is. Perhaps just a command that doesn't even take into consideration the 'magical' armor value an item has, but how thick the material is, how well made, etc. I know armslore is a skill, but evaluating weapon quality is something that sort of needs to be learned, I think anyone could go into a shop, pick up a piece of clothing/armor, and decide if it's going to protect them not at all/fairly well/ reasonably well/very well/excellently. Just an idea... Oh, and aliases rear their ugly head... replace the silly chanting above with "armor class" -chuckle- -Bron


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