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Posted by Ceri on 05/23

I'm not blind. Yes, I know that people invisibled my things. But after all this fighting I am tired. And I'm even more tired of people getting their way underhandedly after reasoning fails to prove either side of an argument as distinctlyl the "right" side. I'm tired of bent rules and imms turning their head from problems as a quick solution. When I asked an imm about my things I was told that "Just as you have the right to keep the things in your house, they have a right to invisible them" Sorry I can't remember exactly which one it was it was a few weeks ago and at that time I was so disgusted I didn't even feel like talking about it to persue it. But now, this is ridiculous. The first person who did it left one thing of jellybeans univisibled and now, someone figures they jellybeanshave to get rid of even that? So spammy huh? Even one line is Well now I'm not going to just sit here. This isn't right. People shouldn't be able to mess with the houses or things that we PAY for on legend. This was clearly not a case of spam anymore but of spite and vengence. This kind of attitude is what is being endorsed when imms simply ignore things and hope that they will go away. Anyway, I don't mean to rant but I just am so frustrated and sick of this kind of thing. Ceri As a sort of afterthought...purely rumored afterthought... As a sort of afterthought...purely rumored afterthought... I also think that everyone on legend should be accountable for their actions and punished for inappropriate behavior here regardless of their status or the status of their alts. Sorry about the few mistakes in here i'm late for work and don't have time to repost. :( -C

From: Wrecked'm Wednesday, May 19, 08:08AM

Hmm, punishment for doing a Jean? -shrug-

From: Sandra Wednesday, May 19, 09:25AM

When we were first told of people invising the eggs in your grove, LadyAce and I stood there and uninvised every single one of them. The second time, I believe Wraith asked and I said what we'd done the previous, so he uninvised them again. Its not easy to tell who's invising them, or I'd say something to the person doing it. I think that on one hand, its very rude for someone to walk into someone else's house and invis their items without their permission On the other, I think its very rude to have a screen full of spam in a house that has no door on it and then to tell people basically 'tough' when they ask, even beg, for a door to be put onto the house. I'll ask, here, that whoever is invising Ceri's items, or anyone else's items, to stop it now. Pay attention to where you're going and you'll never see the spam. Now, I'll also ask that those people that insist on having rooms full of eq that fill up one's screenlen repeatedly to buy a door. People won't enter your house, won't invis your items, and won't bother you if you do so. On to the favouratism thing. I'm getting really tired of this silly rumour. If you know of someone being favoured by the staff mail me and I'll deal with it. If you're just listening to the rumours and posting such, stop it. These rumours are silly. And not something we need on this mud. -Sandra

From: Ton Wednesday, May 19, 11:35AM

Hmf. Well Ceri I think that your "deal with it" attitude that you had earlier when people were complaining about your spam fits here as well. Buy a door, or deal with people invising your spammy stuff. One thing that I have noticed repeatedly here (among players anyways) is what goes around comes around. Be it in pkill, or just as part of the community. Personally, I'd like to see a spam limit, or force doors to be bought. Ton

From: Shine Wednesday, May 19, 02:10PM

If you want not to see spam, don't go there. You will see it once, then you don't need to see it again if you aren't so stupid and know way how you got there. Shine

From: Grigor Wednesday, May 19, 03:58PM

As to what Ton said, with her attitude of it being too bad for people mistyping and getting spammed, its too bad her stuff keeps going invis because of irate mages. If I was a mage, id invis it and leave illusions saying I did it. If you want to tell people its tough luck they got spammed into screenfreeze or LD, its your tough luck your spammy crap isnt visible anymore

From: Adolfus Wednesday, May 19, 10:50PM

All in all its a very elegant solution. Ceri should just provide viewing glasses for visitors. hehe

From: Fairfax Sunday, May 23, 09:06PM

I still don't understand why people keep wandering in that room. It's a junction with only ONE east, and not at the end of a 10-east long path which you'd spam through. when I mentioned this people said they weren't picking on Ceri in particular, but now it's obvious they are. So I ask.. WHY do people spam east at the Dolmen when it's only one east, and WHY DO I KEEP DOING IT TOO? =( I came to this conclusion - people who go in there are people who go from Tara to Orkney, mainly. People will head to the xroads, spam east (although it's only two rooms, but I know I do), go north, then for some inexplicable reason spam east again (when it's only one room) spam south and spam east a couple hundred times to reach Orkney. I really don't understand why people (like myself) do it, but I really feel its unfair to penalise Ceri for what is, in essence, inexplicable behaviour on our sides. Perhaps since we're hammering frantically at the 'e' key at so many points in that path, especially if we want to trans, we spam it even where it's not necessary. Again, I feel it's entirely my fault when I enter that grove, and I've never lost link in there. As a result, I can't see why we have to force something on Ceri like that, unless some immort is willing to move her house to a more suitable location for her free of charge. Incidentally, I must say, that although I've stumbled (read spammed, barged, intruded, ran, waltzed blindly etc) into Ceri's grove so many times, I've never once stumbled into the grove which was north of the room outside her grove, even when I was going from Orkney to Tara, and that was a 2 north path. Perhaps because it wasn't in the middle of a long spammed-north trail, but it just goes to show that Ceri is getting a lot of stick for something that is probably more our fault (I mean, why spam, why not walk slowly? And why not set up a macro if you can), and I, for one, don't blame her for getting upset. I'd be upset if people started saying they were stumbling into my treehouse and getting spammed LD, and insist I get a door. Incidentally, I have a door, but people keep picking it, and leaving it open for Gan to make himself at home, so I guess we can't please all people, eh Ceri? Fairfax M.B.B.S. (Madras)


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