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Posted by CLeo on 05/23

In response to the 100stats... All I have to say is that _alot_ of muds, for players who reaches 50, 100... (wich ever is considered to be mortal's top level) there are often a level or two more that they can aquire and become some sort of Gods, Warriors, or other type of charactors that are considered to be inbetween Mortal and Immortal. They don't have immortal command access, but on some case they have bonuses on skills, stats and/or others. Some even give access to a limited range of special commands like "goto" or such. So... the point of all this... Being level 50 here is getting quite borring. Many people has expressed it in the past and sure will express it in the future. Perhaps there should be more levels added for mortals? Lets say till 100? Thank you for your time, CLeo of the Circle of Angels

From: Ghandi Wednesday, May 19, 08:20PM

From: Lethargio Thursday, May 20, 03:51AM

one problem would be pkill balance, if a person stayed here a few more months they would certainly have a in game advantage against another player. If implimented, changes should be suttle...maybe +1 stat for every 50 mil xp or so. I'm not sure on adding new skills; that would mess up things balance wise. But this would encourage people to stick with their chars more, so they don't change their names around 50 million times. On the other hand, since on the other hand, since pkillers have stuff to do anyway, this could be an option open to only non-pkillers. That way, it wouldn't be that much of a problem if someone had a unfair advantage over another player. that way, people can set up goals such as being able to solo vlad or something. This would at least alliviate the level 50 boredom, anyway.

From: Ton Thursday, May 20, 04:04AM

Its hella boring to get to 50th under this system, getting to 100th would be even worse. :P But I do agree that some in-game improvement should be available at level 50 with some work. There certainly are less level 50s around now than their ever have been before. (online I mean) Ton

From: Kae Thursday, May 20, 06:31AM

What really scares me in the idea of granting players who achieve so and so much experience - be it 100 million, 200 million, whatever - is the difference in how much time players have to devote to their characters. There are people here who practically live here. Eventually, these would turn out pretty much super- powered compared to the rest of us who lead lives outside the mud. I don't as a principle mind that a player gets a kind of reward for having spent an absurd amount of time mudding - hey, if he or she has fun doing it, all hail him or her! But I'm scared of the idea of raising stats or rent, simply because of what it will do to game balance. This obviously would have most impact in pkill - I for one wouldn't quite want my pkiller to get trashed by somebody else who had 3 or more 100s and God knows what super equipment he could rent, simply because that other guy has more time to devote to mob- killing. So the logical course of events would be for people who do not have a lot of time would be never to let their pkillers level above 39. And that'd really be kind of sad, I think. Outside of pkill the impact would be less severe, but it'd still be there. I dunno - it'd annoy me like heck that some other guy had superhero like powers that I can't have simply because I have to work too, and spend time building my area too. I agree wholeheartedly that rewards for redemption should be more varied and interesting than the status quo - but the real problem is coming up with redemption ideas that are desirable and at the same time don't mess up the game balance, and the player to player balance. -Kae, blonder than thou.

From: Dulcimer Thursday, May 20, 11:17AM

Also, what does raising the level limit accomplish? Instead of becoming bored at level 50 you'll become bored at level 100. I personally find mobkill insanely tedious, and would never have the patience to level beyond 50. Secondly, it would throw off the balance of the mud. The areas of the mud are built around a 50 level scale. Increasing the number of levels available would just put this scale out of whack. What's the point of getting together a group of level 50s to run SL if a single level 100 character and her trusty healer could just zip through in a couple of minutes or so. Maybe the point would be to see how quickly you could do it, but that gets old. "...has freed Midir from his chains in 12.5 minutes!" Dulcie Dulcie

From: Brew Friday, May 21, 03:05AM

I'd just like to point out that this had almost nothing to do with my post, message 28, with the exception of it being about redemption. I (as stated) was wondering about moving stat points, not adding more or adding anything to level 50 characters, just a chance to tweak them a little more... Brew

From: Wrecked'm Friday, May 21, 03:59AM

At least the equivelant of another 50 levels were added with the change to the xp scale.. You really want it to get worse? -flop-

From: CLeo Sunday, May 23, 09:44AM

Sorry people, Was just giving an opinion, compared to other muds. -feels like if he's being crucified- :) CLeo of the Circle of Angels


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