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Posted by Rictor on 05/24

One thought I had was like, maybe give clans a minimum 1k a day just clan charge, cuz some of these clans are stupid and pointless and severly inactive, so maybe it'll help to clear out some of the horribly inactive clans. Because 1k is nothing big anyone can make that even a level 5 in about 10 kills, but if you never ever played you wouldnt pay it and eventually your horribly inactive clan would be crushed, thats just a thought of mine. Rictor

From: Thyme Saturday, May 22, 11:15PM

agreed, I won't point out any clans, but we know who they are. excellent idea, in pk clans and rp clans alike. could even throw it in with housing cost so people will know exactly what they pay per RL day. I tried forming a clan with an alt, just to test how it works, couldn't because there are 32 clans, about half of which are actually active. peace! -Thyme.

From: Brew Sunday, May 23, 02:34AM

1k? I can get 1k as a level 5 in ancient ithaca in about 5-10 minutes Them Greeks are rich!

From: Rictor Monday, May 24, 06:55PM

Which is my point Brew, if you're at all active in any shape or form you almost cant help BUT make 1k a day, but if you're not then you wont So the horribly inactive clans will disband Rictor Belmont


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