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Posted by Deicide on 05/27

I think one of the biggest disadvantages of being a str fighter is the obscenely renty items. I am currently saving at 49.6k rent. If I wasn't capped at 50k, (and I don't like relying on prestige) I could have a LOT more attribute bonuses.. and also I do lot of equipment getting, and I cannot even afford to hold any of it when I kill the mob.. (for too long of course) Anyway.. to get to my point.. I have 14 spare practices. Perhaps there would be some way where we could trade 5 practices for 1000 additional rent space? or something of that genre. Something to think about... -Deicide

From: Brew Sunday, May 23, 02:32AM

Ofcourse... we could always as the rent be lowered on most thing like that obscene rule about the material of the item boosting the rent -ahem Mannan MacMannan's Mail-

From: Wrecked'm Sunday, May 23, 10:12AM

A str fighters rent is only higher than others because they can make use of most high rent (+hit/dam) items, others usually can't. I've been able to reach 50k rent too with a staff of the brahman, 2 brines, 2 hernes, eye & worn. It's not str gear but what you choose to use. Heh, str even save over 2k rent with those nifty new boots.

From: Slayer Sunday, May 23, 02:13PM

I don't see why Str/Dam has to have such high rent value? you get +hitroll with Dex and it doesn't have crazy high rent. Example worn riding..compaired to a brine ring..... -pshrug-

From: Ton Sunday, May 23, 08:43PM

... which are about the same rent. :P

From: Fairfax Sunday, May 23, 09:26PM

Str doesn't really take up a lot of rent.. dam does. I'm 100 str, and I rent at 44.5k, including lots of junk. My str/con rents at 47k, and he carries a spare weapon, so make that about 42k. In both cases I've not gone for damroll items, and I find the rent to be not much more than that of my con or dex people, and those can use the dam items too. It's more a case of most dam items being +str as well that tends to make it seem that str items are more renty. Perhaps more dam items for the other stats will even things out a little? Fairfax M.B.B.S. (Madras)

From: Brew Sunday, May 23, 10:34PM

I'd like to see more +dam/hit items that are not str/dex respectivly something that's +spirit or +mind and +hit/dam would be interesting

From: Lethargio Monday, May 24, 03:41AM

er, +hit items are sucky when you are not a str/con fighter because well, dex fighters hit all the time anyway. You should be thankful that the +hit items are more available so you don't have to try to get hitroll through actual dex. Whereas, when I try to get good +dam items, theres only 1 stat that attributes it; str.

From: Wrecked'm Monday, May 24, 05:12AM

Mebbe you 'think' you hit all the time.. I'd only go without +hit if i was 100 dex 100 perc.

From: Deicide Monday, May 24, 07:52AM

First of all, not everyone uses the spiffy boots.. I for one use a horseshoe. Secondly, the hitroll/damroll point is true.. the gloves are +1 higher attribute and over 1k less rent. -Dei

From: Deicide Monday, May 24, 07:53AM

Actually, I have no damroll items other than my claw and 2 horns.. no rings, etc. and I still rent at 49.6k with 100 con/str and 80+ dex I sacrificed my gloves(hitroll) for a second attack weapon which was about the same rent. De

From: Fairfax Tuesday, May 25, 05:42AM

Those horns are the worst offender when it comes to damroll/rent problems. Most people who lack rent use horns - it's a price you pay for a nifty item which gives +5 net, decent damroll, and has other useful functions. Fairfax M.B.B.S. (Madras) (used to have a horn, just one, but found it too renty)

From: Ghandi Tuesday, May 25, 11:13PM

Hmm, my last char was at 100 str, 97 con 87 dex with base str of 47, he had 1 hernes, worn gloves, eye of cyclops and a couple of other renty things including a serrated and nuck shield but still saved for only 42.9k rent. This characters at 49k with just 1 more hernes and a 3k rent weapon, I have no str!

From: Gangrene Wednesday, May 26, 11:53AM

I think snipers should get more rent space. I mean, I can't hold a chalice and a gae-bolg and hp and damroll items all at the same time anymore. and a dozen vials of really neat potions. What in the world am I going to do now? -cry- Gangrene is STILL Clueless -but makes an effort to assert her inner feelings- -Coven Cheerleader-

From: Lethargio Thursday, May 27, 03:27AM

I find it unfair that there are +dam items that are +perc and +dex (I think) that give only half the damroll as a herne horn but still cost the same rent...-grumble- thats my only gripe


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