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Posted by Nestor on 05/27

Ok, this is a thing that is starting to piss me off.. Isnt there a way to prevent some loosers here to use the name of some ancient popular char just to steal from them some popularity? Mebbe if your char has more than 300hours, his name could be considered as in game and couldnt be use to make a new char unless you want to reborn and have the appropriate pword? In the last week, i've met : a false Phineas, a false Castor, a NosfOratu ( eyeroll ) and even worse..this hafta stop.

From: Oxalis Tuesday, May 25, 07:25AM

All those names are well known from literature/mythology etc outside the mud and that is the most likely reason people choose them. They probably try the usual spelling first, and if they find that name taken already they try a variant of it to get around this. If they find it unused, most likely the don't know that name was ever used by a different character here, or they don't care that it was becuase they like the name. What makes you think that they are trying to steal the popularity of another character? If a name is from some popular series of science fiction books, for example, there are bound to be lots of people wanting to use it.

From: Anita Tuesday, May 25, 11:00AM

If you want your name of choice kept, I don't think there's any limit on archiving characters. If people don't want their name stolen, instead of griping, they should simply have them archived.

From: Grigor Tuesday, May 25, 08:56PM

However, what about people who take descriptions of people? Its somewhat annoying to see someone walk by with the description of someone you were/k knew who is either rather stupid or trying to look like someone they arnt

From: Hevydd Wednesday, May 26, 08:17AM

Different name-stealers have different motives, not all of which are bad, so it will be hard to govern. Some, like WHITEYRosey, were purely mean, while some like Pharoh, Pharooh, Pharoah, Pharaoh etc were just someone trying out various combos and being silly. Some are purely innocent errors, as mentioned by Anita, and hence it would be unfair to some if some ruling was put on these names. I guess we'd all have to take it as coincidence when people have similar names, or if they without doubt copy your name, take it as a compliment =) Hevydd the Ancient

From: Diamond Wednesday, May 26, 08:49AM

If the name or description you had meant something to you, you should have archived that character/those characters. If it is the name or desc of someone else, one must assume they do not mind others use it since they did not archive it.

From: Gangrene Wednesday, May 26, 11:50AM

I agree with Nestor completely with whatever he said. I mean, if someone stole MY name, I'd backstab them in a jiffy, but I don't think I'll be around to backstab them anymore. So... Oh shucks. I'll go back to my PlayStation now. Excuse me. Gangrene is STILL Clueless -Coven Cheerleader-

From: Lilian Thursday, May 27, 08:27AM

I agree! -whaps whomever stole the name Freyja- ;P


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