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Posted by Charity on 06/15

What spells do you think should have more uses than they currently do? I'm not a coder, I'm not promising any code changes to spells, and I won't even promise that I can work lots of the underused spells into my areas or area in progress. But, I don't play a mage, so I really have no idea what the neglected spells are. Basically I'd like people to append their list of spells that could be described as, "This thing is in my spellbook but I hardly ever use it." If anything fits my areas I'll add in usages, and since adding things like this is one of the "general area improvement" goals of building, I'm sure other builders will give it a look too. Thanks for your help, and PLEASE keep appends to a bare minimum, just the spell names. If you want to open up discussion of specific spells you really want to see the coders change, do it in a separate append. I don't want to scare anybody off from looking at your lists of underused spells with the worry that there'll be a religious war posted in the middle of it. =)

From: Croaker Friday, June 11, 05:12PM

I'd like to see the paralyze spell imp'ed, personally.

From: Ton Friday, June 11, 08:14PM

Phase person. -cackle-

From: Daedulas Friday, June 11, 08:28PM

lessee.. earthquake.

From: Ulric Friday, June 11, 08:27PM

Well this is one of my favorite subjects since I feel that 3rd circle create mages get the shaft in a few ways.. I'll describe what I dont like about my spells or what I think should be changed hopefully -Create instant death... This spell used to be extremly powerful, it does little to nothing now. Whats the point of the damn spell then? -Lightning... Would be a nice spell but it doesnt do hardly any damage (40 at 100 mind last I checked) It uses a lot of mana, cant be used indoors or underwater... basically no one uses it because its worthless, point blank. Earthquake... Why would I want to use a spell that only does 20 points of damage to every mob in the room and sucks about 150 or so mana a cast? Horribly worthless Stone wall... another one of those 'gee that used to be cool' spells. Etheric Void and Flamestrike... I think these spells are okay but not exciting to be honest. Etheric void does about 30hps, chant kere vya agni ex does 40, and they both suck mana moderatly. err that should have read fl@mestrike, stupid aliases Anyway, why is there no big damage create spell?? I'd be willing to settle with big mana loss if my spell actually did damage. Summon spells... These ultimatly are the reason to be a create mage (that and roots and preserve). Ultimatly these make create mages worth it. Why the hell are there now certain mobs that can slay these summoned monsters instantly?? That pisses me off to no end and its a lame cheating mob act. (killer, nath) I understand mobs like vlad that should take an actual group to kill being able to slay, but even they use high damage acts and not the lame slay act. Killer and nath are just average mobs, they should not slay.. but thats my opinion ultimatly. I'm just waiting for the time when other imms code this slay act onto their big mobs because they want people to 'group' to kill them. I have one word for you .... Lame. The whole damn reason I'm a create mage is so I can kill big mobs by myself!! Thats the appeal of create mages, period, and when you take that away, then we have nothing. It happend with ID (slowly all mobs became unidable, and I can imagine the same with the slay act) Its just depressing when a monster that took you nearly 180 mana to summon is instantly slayed by some chump innkeeper. anyway most of the damages I reported are based off of what I remember doing with 100 mind. I just feel sorry for any 80 mind or less creates as far as damage spells are concerned.

From: Ulric Friday, June 11, 08:47PM

my rant continued I noticed a HUGE amount of un-imped spells or completly useless spells that I've never hardly ever used. Many of these seem like they could be fairly exciting or useful, but they havent been imped or coded in a way that they are unusuable. They are as follows- Decay, Fever, Foul Water, Magical Hourglass, Mesmerize, Rain dance, Rockform, Sense life, Shadowroom, Rainbow bridge, Vigor, Whirlpool, Water Walk, Walk of Winds, Wave of Nausea. I'm not sure if Cause has that many unused spells, but we definetly have quite a bit. I'm not even counting all the spells that work, but I never use (like earthquake).

From: Brew Saturday, June 12, 12:54AM

What is the disinegrate spell for? chant junk err.. yeah

From: Zealot Saturday, June 12, 12:55AM

Disintegrate is to get rid of cursed items.. thats about it.

From: Ghandi Saturday, June 12, 01:05AM

If items and therefore characters alignment were more balanced, big damage spells could be alignment based, evil thoughts could be the best 2nd circle spell to use vs good align players yet harm would be better on others. Aura sight would then get some use also. There's also no point in using wither, unless perhaps the damage could be increased if barkskin or something was cast on the target first. I'm not create now but I thought it was quite reasonable that they had scatter to get people out of safe rooms while cause had recall. Umm.. there's heaaaps of things but I'm not sure what Charity actually wanted so'll shutup for now.

From: Charity Saturday, June 12, 12:32PM

Thanks for the responses so far! Ulric, Brew, and Ghandi all mentioned spells I might be able to make more useful... stone wall, disintegrate, possibly earthquake. The kicker for me is that most uses will have to be conveniences, not necessities. I want it to be possible to get through the pyramid with the help of a second circle mage of some sort, but not REQUIRE specialist mages. However, having one along might be a big convenience factor if stone wall could keep a passageway from collapsing behind you, etc. That's the sort of stuff I'm looking for... if someone who's cause could post something similar to what Ulric said about create, that'd give a good basis for trying to add in neat workarounds that mages could use. If I spot anything I could use in other areas I'll do that, but mainly I'm gathering pyramid ideas. And unfortunately, limits on what spells can be cast indoors, and what are imped in the first place, will dictate that some spells I just won't be able to work with at all.

From: Arlecchino Monday, June 14, 02:19AM

Charity I think that for cause spells that could be implemented for pyramid an interesting one could be turn undead.. Personally i never use g gust of wind (not enough damage comparing to lava flow or immolate, or firestorm). Another useless spell is walk water (if you can fly why using it?).

From: Deicide Monday, June 14, 02:16PM

My mage uses gust of wind over lava flow anyday.. for a) better cast level b) does nice damage compared to lava, but not immo, and c) has an excelle nt added effect to it.. try it some more, I recommend it. -Dei

From: Cathbad Tuesday, June 15, 06:46AM

As a 2nd circle create, I wouldn't mind seeing at least one damage spell - yes there is wave of nausea, but as it is an area spell its use is very limited.


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