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Posted by Brew on 06/23

I think a PK arena would be an excelent idea. Perhaps something only available on the weekends (12am to 12am Fri-Sun System Time) and the player files are loaded just before then. This shouldn't cause too much of an overload on the Imm side (and the server stuff) Maybe an alternate port like for the PK Tourney. Or perhaps we can have monthly mini-Pk tourney's I've often wondered how my non-pk characters (that would be all my characters so far) would stack up against others but I never seem to make the PK Tourneys. Just a thought to increase more PK peoples -Brewmeister

From: Lethargio Monday, June 21, 05:27AM

this could never happen...whats the point of being in pk if you can pk with your non-clanned regularly? The pk tourney was meant to be something special for non-clanned to be able to do...it would surely reduce its importance. But I agree with the fact that I can never make the tourneys, even if I am PK and all...hehe Maybe could increase the # of times we do it each year? Leth

From: Trample Monday, June 21, 06:51AM

love the "more tourney" idea, don't agree with the arena tho. too many people would "not" enabled if we had an arena. we need something that encourages more people to enable, not less. Trample.

From: Trample Monday, June 21, 06:53AM

btw, when is the next tourney? :P

From: Brew Tuesday, June 22, 01:11AM

Instead of the areana being a copy of the mud it could be a smaller setting..something to give people a taste of PK. PK isn't the same unless you can run halfway across a time period and trans to another and rent out. It could also be a place to settle IC arguements between PK and non-PK (ie fighting for a lady or just might makes right) I would assume it would mainly be used for consentual duels rather than sneaking up and killing someone.

From: Lethargio Wednesday, June 23, 02:06AM

yet again, it would still discourage people to join pk because people would go there to get the taste of pk instead of considering clanning...there have been arena ideas before and none of them were taken seriously; doubt this one will too... Leth


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