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Posted by Larnoc on 06/06

Would it be at all possible to lower the stats required for meditate. Most of the people that use it need to spam apart from the druidy people I mean if it was lowered by say 10 or so ? It's just sucking up rent and it must be a right pain in the neck for those without a client. I dunno how hard it'd be to code and I assume something skill-tree related will be the answer but it's worth a try ? -flop- -Larnoc [harmless herm] ooh p.s what happened to that idea with the pk points ?

From: Alyce Monday, May 10, 12:40AM

Speaking as a surgeon and mana user, I like the idea of the stat requirement being lowered by at least 5. Alyce McInnes

From: StormChild Monday, May 10, 07:18AM

Seeing I just redid my gear and forgot about meditate only to find it not working..... lower it by at least 2 please! Then my senile self canmerrily sit still doing nothing for less time than I would have otherwise. StormChild!

From: Dulcimer Monday, May 10, 11:26AM

I'm not sure that the reqs for meditate should be lowered just yet. As it is, most of my chars can rent a couple of herne's, a nice renty weapon, maybe a brine or two, and still have room to spam for spells or augment or something like that. Point being, most of my chars wind up being able to rent quite a bit a hit/dam plus other stuff as well. Making meditate easier to get now would just make my chars have more rent free, which might translate to another brine, or a feather instead of a cobra, or something nifty like that. I dunno, maybe most people have tighter rent than I tend to, but I think lowering the req for -anything- now would result in chars with too much free rent. Ok, looking back, my entire message was basically just a circular argument, but I hope at least some shred of the point got across. Oh, and when spamming for skills becomes impossible (with skilltrees?) I think the req on meditate should most definitely be lowered, but until then I'm happy with the way it is. Dulcie

From: Darkheart Monday, May 10, 01:50PM

if meditate is going to be lowered, something has to be put in place that prevents spamming first. and i can't be sure if ppl would prefer rather to have 45 spi all the time or simply spam for [game info]. given a choice, i'd much rather see spam yanked rather than spamming as there are simply too many spam-specific gear such as the klein cross and old leatherbound books. dh

From: Tyrion Monday, May 10, 05:41PM

With all the mage characers I've had I've never personally found that the current stat req for Meditate is that bad. Every character that needs the skill is fairly easily able to rent span gear plus whatever eq loadout I give them. Tyrion oh yes on last thought, we have meditate than regens mana quicker root that regens mana and hhits quicker, why is there no similar skill that regens just hits quicker?

From: Dulcimer Monday, May 10, 06:58PM

And yeah, what did happen to pk points? That was a nifty idea...

From: Deft Monday, May 10, 09:12PM

I dont spam at all, but I got to say that most of my other characters do. I think its a cool way to get more out of your character. I like sacrificing damageroll, and hitroll items, and high rent hps eq for the ability to double as something else... makes your character more flexable and capable of more things.. at a cost. Removing spam would make characters on legend less fun to play imho. Just my 2 centoids. Deft be nimble, Deft run away from level 50s.

From: LadyAce Tuesday, May 11, 10:22AM

The PK Points idea, so far, has been rejected on the idea that it will encourage a number of unhealthy traits -- an incentive to jump people while essentially dead, to multi, to 'give away' points, to pick on the weak, etc. So far, I've found that while we're interested in making the unclan process more interesting we're not willing to make it easier, or to sacrifice other elements of gameplay to fit the needs of the system. Just a summary of many lengthy discussions, not a full rebuttal. -LA

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 11, 10:51AM

I agree LA that those aren't things we want to encourage. Maybe it would be possible for points to somehow ofset the xp loss from pk somehow, but not encourage these behaviors. I'd think what we want to encourage from pk enabled people is activity, but not jumping ppl and killing almost dead people etc. So how could we do this, maybe if you got just as many pk points for dying as winning. This could cause its own problems if you could just do it anytime or anywhere, but it would encourage those that aren't the best pkillers to actually pk. If we imped this, and made it so that both parties had to agree, sorta like a duel, then maybe it would solve the jumps problem. Also maybe there could be a command where someone could ask for a restraining order. If someone killed them after they used the restrain command 1 pk point would be removed. You imms could finesse this idea so that it encouraged the behavior we are looking for instead of fostering bad stuff.

From: Rory Tuesday, May 11, 06:31PM

I'd like to see a meditate skill with requirements positioned for the baby mage. Baby mages need to regen mana too, and they spend way too much time sleeping in order to get it. Call it 'trance' and make it less effective, with lower stats.

From: SkaTeBoaRDeR Friday, May 14, 12:11AM

I have low level mage characters too and I agree that SOMEthing has to be done about the sucky mana situation. -shrug- -SkaTeBoaRDeR

From: TheThing Sunday, June 06, 10:42AM

I agree that there should be some way of knowing your timed item is about to poof on you. There are some non-mages that use Suger's Chalice for example, to restore mana so they can spam heal themselves PKill is not all about bashing, after all. So if you CAN rent a chalice why should it poof before you even know it is time? That just sucks. My suggestion: three warnings, just enuff time to get to someone who can preserve for you or to an INN to rent it (this may require dropping some easily replaced eq). TheThing squire to Sir DragonReborn p.s. why is it that there are seldom Immort responses on these discussions anyways?


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