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leveling and xp, etc

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Posted by McDonald on 06/06

Wouldn't it be neat if there was some bonuses for leveling slowly? Ok you say to yourself for leveling slowly, thats nuts. Well first it would need to be coded so that one couldn't just set in an inn for 1000 hours then lvl up, but if there was some way to reward those that actually play there chars at lower levels and don't try to powerlevel. Then maybe the system could be made less tedious leveling wise. Just how this would be rewarded i'm not really sure of, im sure it would have some complicated issues. If say you got a 10 percent hp bonus as a reward, this would be incentive not too level so quickly and a reward for those that don't. What would you have to do to get the reward? Maybe one death per level, or 5 quests per level, or something else along these lines.

From: Ghandi Tuesday, May 11, 11:03AM

I want to be rewarded for levelling fast since I do it so damn often. I haven't much choice since I find low level pk a waste of time and we aren't allowed multiple (archived) clanned for no good reason.

From: McDonald Tuesday, May 11, 11:10AM

Id say leveling fast was its own reward, but maybe if there was some penalty to leveling fast, then it could be made so that its easier to do. More like the old xp system, but with no finishing mobs.

From: Mariachi Wednesday, May 12, 06:34PM

Leveling slowly, eh? I could win that. Rarely do I just sit, and yet, almost 17 hours per level... Mariachi: Slowhand Revisited

From: TheThing Sunday, June 06, 10:25AM

I like this train of thought, perhaps coupons for levelling slowly. A good way to build a neat character, I would say. And hey, if people leveled more slowly, they might actuslly learn the MUd instead of just riding along and watching others kill until they have some good eq of their own to use. I hope an immortal seriously considers this. TheThing squire to Sir DragonReborn slow leveller by nature


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