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Posted by Craven on 06/20

Alot of people have been "noting" things they'd like changed on dipped arrows. As a sniper and practicly relying on them, I'm just going to say this. If you remove blinding arrows or alter them with some of your ideas, there is no way I'm gonna stick around. When backstab was changed to 2 rounds a while back, i permaed my sniper and went mage. when it went to usually 1, sometimes 2, I came back as Craven. I'll tell you right now, without blinding arrows....I would say 70% of the curr current snipers will be dead within a month of the change. You just stand no chance. I had, HAD to go con to even be a challenge to con fighters because of the severity of headbutt. I personally think that dipped arrows are extremely powerful when you have them and you know how to use them, but I think the same goes for almost anything in the game. Spells, skills, dipped arrows, whatever. So before you go changing the last thing snipers have to hold on too, think about it a little first please? -Craven, the distraught Sniper

From: Ghandi Saturday, May 15, 12:22PM

Leaving them as they are you just about HAVE to fight blind an entire fight.. I'd like them changed in some way, but changing them alone would screw snipers. Snipers need fixing in other ways b4 changes to filmys should be made but right now it's just silly, being blinded 2-3 times / fight would be bad enough but now it's unlimited.

From: Darkheart Saturday, May 15, 04:09PM

nod, we don't need another diablo where the rogues are basically useless against fighters (ever tried pk in diablo with a bow?). it would be a lot nicer if arrows in general hit a lot more, or if dips, being the lvl 1 cast lvl spells they are, would fail with such chance? 100% is a tad bit severe, but if we upped the hit ratio on plain arrows, it wouldn't be too bad. dh

From: Azash Saturday, May 15, 06:18PM

It is pain if L40 sniper can kick my butt only because of I'm whole time blinded. It means I ran out of my 5 clear potions and it is skill laggy too, if have trigger "You are blinded, quaff clear potion". I quaff it and I'm blind again. And 5x clear potion is more rent than one filmy for sniper. I think it has to change, no so snipers will suck, but right now, it is better flee if they are using blinding arrows. Azash

From: Ghandi Sunday, May 16, 01:24AM

Mebbe to even it out a little autorush should be yanked, I much prefered it how it was even being the target. Made the fights more interesting. Perhaps even being able to shoot 2 rooms away?

From: SkaTeBoaRDeR Monday, May 17, 10:26PM

Umm...if I'm not mistaken, autorush is configurable. you don't HAVE to rush at whoever is shooting/throwing etc. Anyways, I think blinding vials suck too. However, they are the only means of balance snipers have. I saw keep it the way it is. Sure it hurts when they kick your butt (-POKE GAIDAL-), esp in pk tourney, but heck that's life. :-p mud life rather. ;) I would say, depending on difficulty to get vials, only make them good for one dip. (not gonna give info away how many shots that suffices but you all know) now that # I think is sufficient. Just my 52.457 cents worth... -SkaTeBoaRDeR

From: Wrecked'm Wednesday, May 19, 12:52AM

Foooool, he meant autorush should be yanked cos it's too powerful, rushing is a good thing vs snipers! Spam headbutt or bash and it doesn't really matter that you're blind.

From: Rufus Sunday, June 20, 10:14PM


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