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Posted by Shine on 06/18

I want to ask if repop from Dis keeper can be faster than it is now. He is not soloable mob (okay he is, but then you need to get much para warcries or chokes -> no chance). And if people are doing Dis run, everyone wants a ring and it means, you need to kill him several times. It is boring wait there till he repop and usually not everyone get what he came for there, because we all are people and have are RL and we don't have several hours for doing it. And yes, it isn't easy get group together. Shine

From: Brew Wednesday, May 19, 01:09PM

How about putting a token machine in Dis something like the OOC prize machine, except with come nifty hellish type strings. Ofcourse... where could the tokens come from? Perhaps on random hell mobs? or maybe a HoL person. that would lead to an interesting Dis group... Just a thought

From: Dulcimer Wednesday, May 19, 04:43PM

First, considering that his eq is pretty spiffy, the keeper repops damn fast. Ten to fifteen minutes isn't bad, often faster than that. Especially since you have a group to keep you company. If you don't like talking to your group, pay some people money to go down and get you his stuff. Second...well, I guess there is no second. He repops quickly enough.

From: Tanzer Wednesday, May 19, 08:25PM

I agree with Shine completely.. Personally I loved his instant repop.. but with the change to his ring I guess Flagg felt he needed to be changed. But 20-40 rl minutes kinda sucks the big one. Tanzer Scythe The Lawbringer

From: Lethargio Thursday, May 20, 03:48AM

maybe hes trying to make it from dis items turning worthless? I mean, you are in the pit of hell, his items should at least be worth something...

From: Love Friday, May 21, 09:36AM

Haven't killed Dis recently, have you, Dulcie? -tickle- He took about 45 minutes to an hour the last time I was there. Long enough for Wolfram to LD, void, reconnect, walk in, LD and void again ;) Lady Love


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