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Posted by Scooby on 06/07

Is it possible for player description keywords to be inapplicable when their description is turned off, ie Name only? I've seen instances in large groups where someone had the keyword "man" or "warrior" in their description and it caused one pk player to attack another, even though all the descriptions were turned off. As a non-pk aspect, it can cause mis-targets for benificial spells and/or healing if one character's name is "Greebo" and a characters description has the word "Greedy" and the person goes to operate on "Gre" for Greebo, and instead heals the turned off "greedy". Ofcourse most of this can be bypassed by using the Full name of the character, or using the "name" of the mob, but often times this is unknown to players. Just something that irked me a while back during an SL run and I was operating on the wrong person all the time forcing me to have to type an extra letter and increasing my chances at carpal tunnel. ;) Scooby's Player (btw my attorneys are in discussion with Kaige's lawyers as to whether or not I can actually sue the mud for pain and suffering from carpal tunnel inflicted by the increase of characters needed for operating. I'll keep you all informed and perhaps we can all cash in on this)

From: Davien Saturday, May 29, 07:09AM

Eeeeeeek! Don't even joke about sueing! Kaige is super-woman anyway, and seeing you're playing a text based adventure, your case would suck, but don't even joke about it! Davien Holyoake.

From: LadyAce Saturday, May 29, 08:29PM

Unfortunately, the issue of keywords and names is not as simple as making one skill work differently. Here's the problem, in (something) of a nutshell. It involves two large functions in the code, get_char and get_char_world. You know all the annoyances and problems with hunt, keywords, tells, locate, etc.? They're all tied in to these two functions. They control how the code connects what you type, to whose information is consulted and changed because of it. This is a widespread and frequently-used bit of code, and its design is rather tricky. Any change made to it has a large impact on the rest of the mud. We know that it needs to be redone, reworked, and it is on the list -- so many bugs and problems result from it, it's a rather high priority. So while I agree that it's something of a hassle to need to figure out a precise keyword on someone, the problems and hassles of a quick-fix would have unpleasant impacts all over the place, and the long-term fix is on the list, but it's a huge amount of very very dull work. I'm crossing my fingers that Rufus or Ea get very bored sometime soon, and work on it, but until then, teach your client to use up-arrow or some form of command history, and send your lawyers after someone more deserving, like Bill Gates :) -LA

From: Scooby Sunday, May 30, 09:03PM

Ofcourse, what does a dog know about hiring lawyers?

From: Deicide Monday, June 07, 06:59PM

Carpul tunnel syndrome is fun.


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