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Posted by Ronnie on 06/08

Alright, having seen two prime exp grounds changed into outhouses with rapidly decreasing popularity, and the few exp areas there are becoming more and more crowded, I wonder what the priority of changing exp mobs is? Its been said that imms want suggestions as to what to change the exp on, so here I am to offer advice: Somme exp should be raised more, especially on the assisting mobs. And since the mobs were made tougher, assistance isnt the only reason they should be worth more. Its hard to see the genius of Wraith -gag- when the only people there are pkillers running to the safe room. San fran: With so many mobs, why not tweak them a bit and raise the exp? It will take the burden off of other areas, and maybe in my hopes that some will show more intrest in the wild west style Lima: As with san fran, so many mobs and almost all of them are just about worthless. Maybe just upping the mobs in a bit of toughness and to average lvl 15-30 exp, 6k or so a mob, would make it a more popular place. Granada: While a better exp area than some at the lvl 10-20 range, the exp should be raised just a bit more on the guards/bandits/rogues and soldiers. I havnt even discussed the level 30-50 mobs yet, cripes. London: The low level mobs are just shy of perfect, but Jim could do with a better exp bonus for all the stuff he can do to you. Somme (revisited): Perhaps up the exp on the pilots, generals, and higher ranking officers. Strike a blow for the Axis powers while getting exp for dusting the british Casablanca: Fond memories of the older days. The ticket seller, Shilam, that major, and Sam deserve more exp for killing them. None of them are exactly pushovers, so why are they all giving crap exp? Norway: Another of the hugely overlooked areas. With all the servants, could their levels and exp bonus be raised for a suitable midlevel hunting ground? Also, for the warriors of a village, Thore, Ragnhild, Egil, and Olaf are pushovers Beowulf: As with most, make the mobs there worth exp more suitable to thei info I knew you could make it, sooner or later and toughness. Agrabah/Ithaca: This almost feels redundant, but make the common mobs like citizens and all those swarthy men bigger and more exp abundant Thats all I can think of for now, and I have a suspicion I lost the point of this way back there. Feel free to bounce suggestions around

From: Nissassa Thursday, June 03, 07:27PM

i just want mobs to be worth more for higher levels i think it is bs that they are worth jack $hit 20k,remember my lvl 18 gett ing that for a kill i think mobs should be put back to the same exp for higher levels NissassaassassiN

From: Ton Thursday, June 03, 11:16PM

Problem with your post Ronnie, you left out 1 area of the mud, and now the imms know that there is an area that is decent to get xp in. :P Seriously though, Ronnie raises a good point. Since there are so many more characters here at the level 25-40 range, instead of 45+ level characters on (like under the old system, when you didn't have to spend 100% of your online time to feel you were getting anywhere with your character, and there was actually 'time' to RP so to speak) there should be more mobs to kill in that level 25-40 range. Right now there is one decent area, and even it could use faster repops or more mobs. (Some would say there is more than one decent one, but I find that one in particular that stands above the rest.) Please don't take this as reason to kill the xp in that area as well, as has happened with every other area that was decent xp under this system. Almost to the point of begging now. Please imms, as a staff, don't make levelling take more of our time than it does now. I know its not THE reason to mud, but it is A reason to be here, and one that takes up a whole hell of a lot more time than it used to. Ton

From: Brew Friday, June 04, 02:12AM

Hey I like the low mobs in ithaca it's easy money :)

From: Dulcimer Friday, June 04, 10:04AM

Leveling at low levels and mid levels is a snap, say till 35 or so, after that it truly becomes an excercise in tedium. I've had this char for a month or so now, maybe longer, and I'm at 37 now, and pretty much no desire to go further. I agree that mobs-especially tougher ones-should be worth a bit more xp in general. Even 500 xp more per mob would make a big difference in the long run.

From: Wrecked'm Friday, June 04, 12:10PM

Try low and mid levels as a mage with no skills and also due to this silly cast level system, no spells that work!

From: Shasta Saturday, June 05, 01:19AM

I am a level 15 create mage with no skills and I agree its not the easiest thing in the world to level, but its not impossible. Its just a question of how impatient people are to level. Personally I don't really mind how fast I level because you get more out of a character in the long run if it takes a long time to build one. What worries me about the low level mage problems is how hard it must be for somebody who hasn't played here for years to build a good mage character. While there should be a role for knowledge and experience in building a good character, the difference in difficulty between building a mage and a straight fighter is too much, and not being able to use spells due to the cast level problem tends to cause people to whine and nag for people to level them. It also causes people not to behave like a mage and get the stats needed for casting, but rather just swap gear to learn words and swap back again. This isn't really in the interest of having diversity of character types and fighting styles at the lower as well as higher levels. If skill trees aren't coming in for a while I think the casting problem should be addressed somehow with a temporary fix. It would help a lot even if spell fail rates remain unchanged but the mana lost on a fail is greatly reduced (and on miscasting when the target leaves the room). I also think its plain wrong that if you don't have enough mana to cast a spell you lose all the mana you have (ie I try to make a doppel with only 55 mana and I lose all that mana)> Hmm..this is off topic..oh well :)

From: LadyAce Saturday, June 05, 09:51PM

Since I was the person who updated Casablanca, I'll comment on it -- the xp in that area was revised based on both my own testing of the mobs and the advice of a testing crew of players with different abilities etc who killed the mobs while I watched. I will look at them again, however, and thanks for the comments. -LA

From: Tyrion Tuesday, June 08, 06:28PM

Just though I'd add a few points of my own on things that I feel need to be looked at to fix this xp system. 1) The incredible lack of decent killable level 40-49 mobs. I have no idea what the actuall percentage of the mob population is made up of mobs in the 40-49 range but baring 2 areas I can think of off hand the lack of killable mobs in this range makes getting xp even worse that it should be. While its not something that can be easily fixed quickly, it needs fixing. 2) Higher level mobs not being worth enough xp. This ones pretty simple, I cant see why once mobs reach about level 25 or so the increase in xp that a mob gives you from level to level goes up by a pretty much flat 450 or so xp. I know it does slowly increase from 450 to 535 or so at 50th but it doesnt make any sense. unless of course boredom is one of the objectives of the xp scale for level 35+ characters. 3) The XP drop for killing mobs under your level. Is there any good reason why the instant you gain a level the mobs just a level below instantly lose 10% of thier xp value? You cant tell me that gained a level other than going from level 1 to 2 gives you more than a 10% increase in you own combat ability. Yes I do understand why the drop off is there but it needs not be nearly as severe as it is quite so quickly, a 5% drop for the first 2-3 levels above and then an additional 10% for the next 2-3 levels untill finally 10 level below you and beyond it stays pretty much as it is now. 4) Quest Xp It seems pretty unfair as it stand tha a quest at level 1 is worth 3 times as much xp as the same quest is at level 50. Quest xp should be based on a percentage of you xp to level not on the 5 times a average kill as it is now. Anyway still have a few more thoughts but I'll save em for another day before this gets too long . :P Tyrion


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