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Posted by Shine on 06/17

This is an idea about what I talked with my friend Nazdar. He is really newbie here, no lowbie and it's problem make some quests here. Questbook could only explain where to find something or whom to ask more about a thing, maybe a story about an quest, levels, at which it is safe to try a quest. This will be for newbies, so they can make some good quest too without asking for help. From my experiences, I had always problem with start a quest. What do you think about it? Shine

From: LadyAce Tuesday, June 15, 02:25PM

I agree that quests can be hard to start -- it would be helpful if you pointed out which ones you have a hard time starting, and that way we could put it more clues. A book or other item would work well as an in-character clue, but one of the most useful skills is learning how to pick up on clues when they are presented to you, not just taking a book of hints and trying to fill in the blanks. -LA

From: Shine Wednesday, June 16, 09:21AM

How are you doing quest here now? You can stop moving at a mob and if you are lucky, you will say something and he will answer or if you spend a time at him, he will talk with himself about something. Or you can know legends and then it is easier... But if you don't know them and you are not lucky what you will do then? Then you will do it with help from someone. You will do it once and then you can do it again with your other chars. I don't know if it is way how you wanted it here. Shine

From: Diamond Wednesday, June 16, 11:23PM

A lot of people, myself included, actually enjoy the challenge of figuring out quests. Agreed, some of them are too hard to do without hints, it seems (I have never been able to figure them out), but a lot of them are manageable. My favourite example is Romania. Some of the quests there are very easy, and that makes it a perfect place for people to learn how to do quests. When you learn how to look for clues, it becomes easier, and I would think part of the fun is when you figure them out. Ask mobs questions related to where they are, and what they do, and you have got a good start. It is also (again, for some of us) part of the fun to sit in rooms and see the roomacts there, which also often give quest hints. Whoever coded the area spent a lot of time to make acts for the mobs, and they are often worth watching. Diamond

From: Shine Thursday, June 17, 01:59AM

Yeah, but if a mob is important for quest he could act if you enter the room where he is in and if you done a quest he will not act anymore. That's better way. -shrug- Shine


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