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hometowns and repairing

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Posted by Deicide on 06/30

So back to the age old question, why can't ancients repair? Afterall, some of the finest swordsmanship came from ancient times.. as we well as the first. The Romans with their knowledge of bronze and iron n

From: Deicide Wednesday, June 16, 11:47AM

-mutter aliases- And the Irish crafted many fine swords in the Celtic tradition.. the highlands were famous for the dirk.. Ancient India created the gurka khurki (that curved blade thing that was used to assassinate) Etc. etc. Adding repair to ancient wouldn't terrible unbalance the hometowns (which are out of whack as it is).. Just my thoughts.. -Deicide, the str fighter who cannot repair.

From: Ghandi Thursday, June 17, 12:39AM

Hehe, why bother.. there's hardly any eq that can be repaired anyway. I have just 1 repairable item between 2 lvl 50 characters.

From: Fatale Thursday, June 17, 10:43AM

Probably because if Tara and Agrabah got repair, they'd be pretty much nearly self-sustaining. I bet when new hometowns go in, the new ancient hometown(s) will get repair.

From: Deicide Tuesday, June 29, 12:50PM

what the hell good do new ancient hometowns do for me? I'm already cursed that I'm from Tara and not Klein ooh maybe I should find a way to spam 80 spirit in 400 rent space and I can augment too!


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