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Posted by Shine on 06/21

I only wander if we can have more mobs who are teaching some basickills as kick, bash or headbutt in or around hometowns. As newbie, if you want to play here it's hard to learn it without asking other ppl for help. Try to learn a fight skill around Tara -shrug-. You will learn backstabb. It goes together with basic arms training, swordsmanship and fencing. We all want newbie who will explore this mud. But at L5 it isn't easy. And I think, maybe some more mobs could teach 1st maybe some 2nd circle wo words. I forgot how I learned skills when I was newbie, but probably not alone. Now my friend is remembering it to me every day when i come from work. He is trying to play this mud. He is new and he never played circle mud. Shine

From: Marcel Thursday, June 17, 11:17AM

I'm fairly certain there are more fight skill teachers in Tara than the backstab one.

From: Brew Friday, June 18, 01:11AM

Around Tara (and in the neighboring nearby facitlites of RB, oh poop, I'll get back to you

From: Brew Friday, June 18, 01:14AM

as I was saying you can learn headbutt, warcry, basic swords, basic arms backstab, chant, three 1st circle words, herblore bandage, make bandage, foul, brew umm...lets see... repair, mend yeah.. you really can't learn anything around Tara/Orkney/RB

From: Shine Friday, June 18, 06:58AM

I meant at L2.. Sorry, that I didn't write it. Warcry and basics are for L5, so newbie can use it from L5. You can learn dodge around too. Headbutt is Orkney, it's long way for newbie. Show me where you can learn kick, bash as newbie around Tara. And yeah, choke is impossible to get for them. I know, Tara is only one hometown from 5, but I think you could learn L2 skills in hometown where you born as newbie, no outside it. Or do you think newbie will figure out time transfer ways so fast? Shine

From: Lethargio Monday, June 21, 05:19AM

yeah, thats a good point...a newbie should be able to learn almost all of the combat skills around a hometown. headbutt, bash, kick, choke, chant, dodge, parry...and at least all of the basic combat skills too It wouldn't hurt if they actually put in a combat trainer that can teach all of those skills in every hometown as well, it would really help them out. read next


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