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Posted by Goldberg on 06/29

I think L50 pkillers should be able to attack L35 people This would: 1) have sort of a reward for being level 50 2) encourage L35 people to get to 50. 3) have more high level pkillers. sorry, i'm bored but what do y'all think? Goldberg

From: Ariel Saturday, June 19, 08:02AM

Never going to fly

From: Lancelot Saturday, June 19, 09:34AM

Probably never going to happen. level 40 have a very slim chance of beating a level 50 so level 35 hmm snipe shot only way to kill to win Lancelot

From: Ghandi Saturday, June 19, 12:59PM

I think decreasing the level range may work better in getting more pkillers to level 50. 39 to 50's a big jump, 44-50 isn't so bad and you won't get attacked so often through all levels. The hit table's taken us in that direction anyway.

From: Chunk Saturday, June 19, 01:10PM

I have a messed up suggestion for you pkers out there and for immortals to think about. I see a lot of low level pkers helping the higher level pkers at times. I would like to see it possible for any pker that is grouped with a 50 range pker accessable to attack from the opposing pker. This is a little hard to do i can imagine that but it would be something different and exciting addition to the pkill world. If a pkiller could attack any grouped pkers when attacked would grant the chance to kill the lower levels. Thinking on this it balances out due to the little advantage of a 2 on 1 or whatnot. Then again we could always try an areana for all pk to fight in but who would want to try there chances at low levels to hit on the big guys ;). Just a thought. Chunkster

From: Sandra Saturday, June 19, 02:14PM

How does this balance out? A level 25 is grouped with a level 50, two level 50's come and beat the hell out of both of them. That's not much balance. As far as Goldberg's original suggestion, I don't see that as forcing them to level to 50, but making them more afraid to enable at all. Or, enabling and staying at level 10, or 15. Not to mention, while you think pk at 50 is where its at, not everyone does, and its not fair to force your beliefs onto those people. And I won't even get into the unfairness of fighting someone 15 levels higher than you... -Sandra

From: Trample Saturday, June 19, 05:56PM

I have to agree that the level barrier should be lessened. as a matter of fact, I think lucky number 7 is simply perfect for many reasons, and would bring a few new "levels" into pk. as a level 20, I've beat a 30, as a 30 I've beat a 40. but I assure you it's pure luck, and will not happen 99% of the time. ten levels is probably too much. and now that I think about it even more, it would probably be best just to cut back one level at a time and see what people think, until theres a happu median. Trample

From: Lilian Monday, June 21, 01:52AM

-LAUGH- Sandra pretty much summed it up for me... ;P

From: Lethargio Monday, June 21, 05:26AM

sounds like a perfect suggestion for sadistic level 50'ers to beat up on little guys...hehe

From: Deicide Tuesday, June 29, 12:57PM

yeah and level 35 pkillers should be able to attack level 10s you are an idiot.


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