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Posted by Lethargio on 06/23

the reason why killing mobs is so boring is because all you have to do is kill mobs that are lower than you over and over and over and over... No one nowadays even considers killing something way harder than them because the risk is simply not worth the xp that it gives. For example, by my personal experience: I've solo'ed the Nucklavee once, and got 120kish xp for it. I've could have gotten the same amount for killing 12 elands, losing hardly any hp or eq. Naturally, I don't go soloing the Nucky anymore. That has probably been the scenario for many; the challenge of mob killin has been removed because the rewards arn't enough. Personally, I like killing mobs such as the dhurtah, because he uses pkill types of tactics and its a fun challenge. But if theres a chance that I'll die from him, why should I choose that path instead of safely killing a bunch of helpless African animals for the same xp? So to sum it up, heres my suggestions: -Make mobs do more interesting tactics (funner to kill) -Up the xp on the mobs that are hard, at least to the point where it is worth more than mindlessly killing little mobs -Increase xp loss from mob deaths That way, people will not necessarily get to 50 faster because they will be dying more often, but it will get that "thrill" of mobkilling back, which has been missing in Legend for quite some time. Sure, you can get that from SL or Hell runs; but that doesn't happen very often, especially at the times I log on...also, there are char types that either don't like to join groups or have trouble finding groups because of their profession...I think this should be available to everyone. 2cents Leth

From: Trample Monday, June 21, 01:31PM

well said Leth. -applaud-

From: Davien Monday, June 21, 10:38PM

I hear what you are saying, I just don't think its the answer. Sure, you can kill little mobs, but there is a limited number of them. You run out then sit and wait for repop. Thats not really that interesting. on the other hand, you could spend the same amount of time killing one mob for the same exp, and by the time you have healed yourself, the same amount of time has pased. Its about the same in my experience. Regarding the xp loss from dying, I feel its about right. The act of dying is what makes me feel bad, not the fact that I lost exp. After all, exp can be replaced easily, while dying sort of damages the pride for a while, and that lasts longer for me. Hehe chased oonagh into barney yesterday, went LD in the fight and lost the xp for killing barney -grumble-. The fact that I had 38Hp left at the end was worrying. I mean losing to barney? It would take me quite a while to live that down. or at least to live with myself. In terms of SL, I don't get to hit often. They just want me to make chant vid lak drva ex and water, then stun the demon-kings. I find it rath drat, ummm, rather boring, and since I can get exp faster outside, I rarely go there. PD I've been to once, and I personnally think the area is a flop. The gear descs I have heard are awesome, the writing of the rooms is superb, the design seems pretty good, but there is almost no one I would trust to lead through there. Again, thats just me. I am sure there are people that love the place. I'd quite like to play with that sword, and some of the other stuff, but there is no way I am going to write it into a gear list as it is so rare. My 2c, Davien Holyoake.

From: Celia Wednesday, June 23, 02:28AM

Increasing the xp loss from mob deaths is hardly going to promote killing the riskier mobs which are worth more xp. You can still avoid virtually any chance of dying if you are unclanned by sticking to safe mobs.


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