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Posted by O'Bedlam on 07/30

It seems when ever I suggest some sort of change I am given one answer: "skill trees" but here is goes anyhow. I was wondering what ya'll thought about an "andvanced throw" skill. Bump up the dex and perc requirement of course. It would allow for cool things like the ablity to throw throwables more than one room, maybe allow vials to be throw into the next room. And even it could make way for something very cool I have seen on other muds, throw/return items (boomerangs etc) just wondering what you people think. Tom O'Bedlam

From: Apocalypse Saturday, May 29, 12:36AM

From: Thyme Sunday, May 30, 05:15PM

sounds cool, I wouldn't look for it till trees tho :P

From: Kaige Monday, May 31, 10:31AM

Unfortunately as far as new skills and radical additions/changes to existing skills go, the answer is still going to be "skill trees." o dex and perc requirement of course. All the requirements for skills are going to be looked at and likely revised. Advanced Throw: o ability to throw throwables more than one room o allow vials to be throw into the next room. This probably won't happen unless we go and add a size stat to each room, which has been talked about but is not a high priority for skill trees right now. We also have to consider the balance issues with guns and bows. One of the goals of skill trees is to provide more variety of characters and by duplicating affects or abilities of skills across multiple trees makes meeting that goal more difficult. o throw/return items (boomerangs etc) These would be cool. Are there any other items besides boomerangs that do this? I guess you could make the case for a chakram (that nifty ring of Xena's), but two items make it seem more likely that this would be item acts, not code in throw. Another cool thing would be nets/bolos/lassoes that affected the victim with things like clumsiness or bind and such until they could remove it/escape. -Kaige

From: Bronwyn Tuesday, June 01, 01:18PM

How about a harpoon? Make it perhaps a bow-type weapon that would work however you decide that lassos should be? That would be interesting.

From: Adolfus Wednesday, June 02, 06:23PM

Or have the harpoon, so if successful you could yank someone that had fled from you back into the room, with say 15hp damage, with maybe 10 percent chance of harpoon ripping free. Or you could make it instead of 10 percent chance, have different rates of success landing the hook, ie, barely hooked em, or down to the bone, with each type of hooking having different chance of coming out. Course it might be good idea to make it so you needed more str than the person you where hooking, to be able to yank them back, etc. Might be interesting.

From: Kit'Marlowe Friday, July 30, 06:40AM

Another returnable thrown weapon might be sharkras -don't quote me on that spelling- otherwise known as ninja stars. Although the chief peculiarity o of these weapons was their ability to go around corners.


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