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Posted by Xeron on 07/01

Does anyone else find it disturbing that create mages are used because they can make things to help fight, but cause mages can also animate stuff to act just like create creatures? Also the fact that create creatures can be renderred useless by a certain spell while animated stuff are not? Just my thoughts. Xeron Bloodshed

From: Shane Wednesday, June 30, 06:17PM

I think, but I'm not entirely certain that is because the cause creatures are actually living creatures ( if one wishes to call a zombie and a skeleton such) and the cause mobbies are not, they are all illusions, at least I think so. Also they take nearly twice the mana to make then most of the create creat Shane

From: Infidel Thursday, July 01, 02:59AM

Only doppels are illusions, the rest aren't.

From: Darkheart Thursday, July 01, 11:25AM

and dops come with at leasat 300 hps (at lvl 50) whereas the other cause stuffs don't come with those-- not to mention their level being seriously low. And the summoned creatures can do a fair amount of damage with their specials. Healing is far easier with a create for short runs with big rewards, and not having to find a preserver wasting time that could be spent xprunning is also nifty.


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