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my pk ban

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Posted by Jonathan on 07/02

I'm writing on here because i think the reason behind my ban is more than pathetic. I'm sure they could have come up with a much better reason than why i am banned at this time. The reason i was first givin was that i whined to much about the multi wars i had with tanzer. Seeing now that the multi war was over hear-say i feel it could have been prevented. Nonetheless i permad to stop the war and then i was told i am banned. Why not tell me before i chose to perma to end a messy war then telling me after i remade a character? have no clue... In fairness i have had a bad last year in pk but not bad enough in my eyes to be banned for it. Yes i am guilty of whining about a multi war so sue me. Dont ban me for it though. Everyone has times where they just get frustrated enough to whine in pk, and yes it happens to us all. Even as of late a lot of pkers have been remaking because of things happening around here. So why let them remake and not i? have no clue... Yes i admit to also having an ooc problem a year ago. It wasnt all my fault either. I had a player want to kill me because of a marriage ic. The only thing i could do about that was talk to immortals in which i guess is whining too. And i had another time where i was in trouble with a mortal over what they had said on a public board about me and i went after that player for it. For some strange reason it was harassment to kill a player talking bad about me on a public board. If that is also against the rules then yes im guilty of that too. Just because some players i have hung around lately have been a little on the "jerk" side doesnt mean i act this way all the time. I should be given my chance to prove i am not this way all the time too. Not just banned for "whining", it can be justified by letting me prove myself and show that it wasnt me but the reaction of frustration with certain players at those times. I would like this looked into and would like feedback from anyone who would like to put it in better words than i have if you can. I just think being pk banned for whining while others are doing much much worse or could be is a bit out there. since i never can really write and say excatly what i mean ill append later..... Jonathan

From: Sandra Wednesday, June 30, 09:12PM

Let me correct a few things that you seem to have conveniently forgotten, Jonathan. First, you were given a 'last chance' already. You were told that you needed to straighten up your act, or you wouldn't be allowed to pkill anymore. In fact, you were banned from pkill until you proved that. It didn't last though, did it? No, it didn't. Your behaviour was fine for a while, and then it went right back to what got you in trouble the first time. No, you weren't banned for whining. You were banned because you can't seem to handle the problems you create within that aspect of the game. Therefore, you are no longer able to be involved in that part of the game. Starting, or being involved in ooc/ic problems, multi-wars, perma-wars, what have you, and then crying out for the staff to come and dig you out is not going to get you anywhere. The simple fact is this, if you can't play within the spirit of the rules, then you can't play. Over the past year, you've proven that you can't do that. You were told, repeatedly, that you were no longer allowed to enable. You were told when I removed your pk privledges the last time, that the next time it would be permanent. -Sandra

From: Jonathan Wednesday, June 30, 09:18PM

This 'last chance' i was givin is true yes. But it takes more than i to get myself in trouble. And trouble came to me i didnt go lookin for it thanks. Just because things in the "spirit of the rules" happens to get the short end in my pk lives doesnt always mean it was my fault. Things came to me and i tried to get immortal help to stop them but it seems all you wanted for was me to fail and have more of a reason to ban me. Either you just dont like me or you just rather punish me since i was on a last chance effort to prove myself.....

From: Sibwarra Wednesday, June 30, 09:48PM

I would like to know how the immorts can tell when a player starts a new character that it is them other than trying to use the same Character name over again. I have concerns about some Character activity that I would like to see them banned from, but my concern reaches to the player level and if they would just do it again with anothe character. er character. Sibwarra the often-clusless clueless that is (and a bad speller to boot)

From: Goldberg Thursday, July 01, 04:32AM

how can you ban someone from pkill permanently? what makes you judge, jury and executioner in this matter? deletions i understand ... but peramanently banning someone from pkill? i can't even begin to comprehend that Goldberg

From: Danar Thursday, July 01, 08:22AM

Just envision it as a siteban, Goldberg, except half as much. Danar

From: Diamond Friday, July 02, 05:32AM

Err, Goldberg, in case you didn't know, the imms run this place. Not in a bad sense, but they are, as you call them, Judge Jury and Executioner. And you agree with that every single time you log on. I fail to see why you are surprised, as I see very few alternatives to handle matters. Diamond

From: Amadio Friday, July 02, 06:12AM

Judge, Jury and Executioner? I thought that was Tanzer's desc? Hrm, unless...-gasp-...Tanzer and Sandra are the same person! And she gave herself lots of warnings for fun! But, um, seriously, like Diamond said, Sandra's head admin, so I'm not sure why people are getting so bent out of shape about this. What she did was within her right. It's interesting, I think if she had merely -deleted- the character or sitebanned him for a month or something, there wouldn't have been an issue, but heaven forfend she not let someone pkill. If it were up to me I would probably not let a lot more people pkill, but that's another story entirely :p Amadio


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