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Posted by Beam on 07/02

Ptah was on and gave link to mud.sig.net/raph and after reading that I was wondering how many legend players found out about legend through UO. Probably not very many huh? More Legend players that tried UO, than UO players that discovered legend? What do you think?

From: LadyAce Thursday, July 01, 12:47AM

I figure UO has the advantage of a well-endowed corporation publicizing its product, and points itself at a different market than Legend does. I do think we've had some overlap, people who have gone there, come back, come here from playing there, etc. Plus while it's no big deal for us to all talk about it, it's my bet that Origin pays its people to sell its product and to keep customers, and would frown much more quickly on its employees talking about players going elsewhere, than the staff would here. But that's just a guess, I've never tried UO. -LA

From: Darkheart Thursday, July 01, 11:29AM

weren't we all invited as beta testers for uo a while back?

From: Fairfax Friday, July 02, 12:33PM

I never played UO -whine Windows 3.11- However, I DID find out about Legend from the Worlds of Origin web page a few years back, which I searched shortly after gaining net access. I went there because I was an avid Ultima player, so in effect, I'm one of those in your latter category - an Ultima player that discovered Legend. Fairfax M.B.B.S. (Madras)

From: STR Friday, July 02, 04:27PM

I played legend before i played UO, go me?


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