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Posted by Sibwarra on 07/09

Hello fellow Citizens of LegendMUD! =) I write to you today about something that has been troubling me a lot these days in the hope we can have a discussion without too much emotion and defensiveness, here goes -crosses fingers-: Lately I have witnessed repeated advertising by clan members (perhaps even GMs for all I know) asking people to join their clan, or at times just announcing their clan's name, in bright colors and often all CAPS. While I enjoy the clever use of characters and color schemes, the ads them selves bother me a great deal. The reason for this is that I feel the boa rds themselves would be a more appropriate place for an advertisement. Now I know I have opened myself up for flaming here, call me a snob if you wish, but at least hear me out first please. We all need to get along her here even, and respect each other. The Immortals have been trying their best to get PK and non-PK to mesh better. Most of the ads I see on chat come from PK clan people, and we non-PK (I hope I can speak for a few non-PK people on this) do not really care to see your advertisements If a non-PK character is a low enough level to be able to join the PK community, there is a lot of reading available about becoming PK and plenty of discussion on the War Board as well. If a PK character is looking for a clan to join, would they not be reading the War Board regula rly already? If they don't they are probably not even experienced enough to be joining a clan anyways. The better PK characters read the War Board at least once per time playing. Now if a clan were to put together a very well thought out advertisement, with neato colors and a great banner, would they not want to display it for everyone to see? Not just the people on at the moment? The War Board is a great semi-perma nent place to display your clan pride! Ok, I step off my soap box now and once again humbly ask that anyone who has been using chat for recruitment, please stop. Put your talents in color usage to some all-encompassing beneficial use, make a pretty one-line friendly message gretting your fellow citizens! =) You have the talent, now be a friendly citizen and let's all get along. I also ask tha if there is ANYONE at all reading this that agrees with me on any point please append now. I feel alone on this issue and I need your support. I ask that if you intend on slamming me about this issue, please drop me some hate-mud-mail. I will read it and respond to your well thought out arguments in person, and in kind. Thank You to anyone who has read this, and happy palying everyone =) Sibwarra humble Druid/Create Mage citizen of LegendMUD p.s. yes I also have a PKill character on the MUD

From: Elisa Saturday, July 03, 12:46AM

I agree with Sibwarra for the most part. While the spam does not annoy me (except the obnoxious right red), I don't think that the clans are serving the purpose of advertising very well. Unless they are trying to show us that their clan's purpose is to spam chat! However, the use of colorful one line messages to greet eachother does seem rather fun. Elisa the urchin

From: Elisa Saturday, July 03, 12:51AM

I meant to say they are NOT serving the purpose of advertisement very well -blush-

From: Buren Saturday, July 03, 01:06AM

I for one don't think chat is the greatest spot for ads, but they only really get to me when half a clan has triggers set up to spam the same thi thing (often in different colors) whenever a clanmate does so. This leads to 5-10 lines of spam. Although my screen shows 50 lines, it's almost enough to fill a screen between the spam and the prompts afterwards I think the best solution is to keep ads to boards and to save the loudness for greeting each other. This serves the purpose of recognition while preventing the dreaded 10-line chain reaction (followed by spams from opposing guilds then spams to protest the spam) Take with a grain of salt and a glass of water -Buren

From: Barabas Saturday, July 03, 09:08AM

I can see how you can get annoyed. Let's make a deal, we'll stop spamming chat with ads when non clanned folks stop spamming info with trigger messages. Deal? Barabas

From: Cassia Saturday, July 03, 11:27AM

Trigger messages on info are usually appropriate to the context of somebody dying or levelling at least. The clan ads usually have no relationship to anything going on in the game. I don't think theres anything wrong with promoting a clan over the channels now and again but the allcaps spam is getting out of hand. The last I heard, using allcaps was against the rules. I realize a message in caps might pass if its short, but I personally find it irritating and it wouldn't encourage me to join a clan that needs to use a cheap attention grabbing technique or spam to get attention.

From: TheThing Saturday, July 03, 11:31AM

well Barabas, I can assure you i will never spam info. I can't even get online long enuff to get exp without dying i think agreements like what you state are good, comprimise is what this MUD needs more of, ke can kill each other and still get along, right?

From: Gaidal Sunday, July 04, 09:57AM

Well I'm very sorry of people are getting annoyed but.... The advertising worked very. We get at least one new app a day. Also, last I heard the channels were for everyone to use not just the non clanned players. If you dont want us to use them because it does not pertain to you I dont want to hear you chatting unless your talking directly to me either. It just doesn't work that way. As far as spam goes I can understand why you dont want so many messages at once. However if you hadn't noticed it about half of the spam now comes from non clanned players that made triggers to emulate ours. I am not going to say we are completely innocent. We have repeatedly hit our triggers in the past and I apologize for the spam it caused. I will not stop using my clans greeting or our advertisement however since I know of no rules that it breaks and it is a great benefit to my clan. As long as we don't do it every 5 minutes I think that you can all handle a line or two of color every once in a while. Gaidal Cain

From: Ryu Sunday, July 04, 02:50PM

My clan is NOT PK and it likes to advertise its banner. And we also do NOT use bright colors, they are very dark. If you are going to criticize clan banners, at least do it right. Ryu, GM of Unholy Alliance UNHOLY ALLIANCE

From: Cecil Friday, July 09, 01:17AM

I think the last time I actually sat down and read the warboard was before America was discovered, so I hardly read it every time i play, it's too ti time consuming and i'm lazy :p Cecil.. the Dark Knight


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