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Fire Damage in Pkill

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Posted by Roark on 08/12

This post is a response to a number of events I have witnessed or been involved in recently. For those who don't know, I am a third circle cause mage pkiller, and one of our fundamental spells is immolate. the problem is, in pkill, imho, it simply does way too much equipment damage. For example, when I killed Cecil, I used 4 immolates. This scrapped a colour strung kraken belt, and took over a dozen items to minorly/moderately or worse. In my opinion this much damage actually amounts to a disruption of gameplay, because one pkill fight of this type effectively caused so much eq damage that the char would have been pretty much unplayable until they got tf. For this to come from one fight is, I think, a major problem. I know of another cause mage who scrapped someone's earring in 2 rounds. The list goes on. We all know stories of this kind. Now I love the immolate spell, and as said, it is a basic pkill weapon for me. I do not feel that I should have to back off from using it because of the inordinate amount of eq damage it causes. But I do not like scrapping people's eq at all, let alone hard earned strings. For all these reasons, I would suggest that fire damage in pkill is looked at with a view to reducing the level of damage it does to equipment. I would be very interested to hear other people's opinions on this. Howard Roark, who likes to burn down badly designed houses.

From: Cecil Friday, July 16, 05:49PM

This is an ongoing problem, especially when strings are involved. I didn't duel with Roark in order to get my equipment damaged that bad, or to lose a string. I dueled him to have fun, why should i lose equipment and strings in a duel? Cecil, the Dark Knight

From: Kae Monday, July 19, 05:33AM

I do believe it was my pkiller who had the unusual experience of watching earrings go poof in one (not two) immolates. Personally I think that fire damage needs to be looked at as well, though it is probably among the more difficult things to balance out. On one side, it is a very efficient spell, especially in pkill. On the other hand, it's no fun being forced to lie low until you can convince somebody to fix your gears. I won't even start to think of how annoying it must be to lose strings to it. It seems to me that, as Roark suggested, it is not the damage that the character receiving the immolation gets that needs adjustment, but the damage which it does to equipment. I'm not certain how exactly the code differentiates between equipment damage and person damage, but I'm sure our competent coders can work something out. -Kae [Standard disclaimer regarding personal views, not speaking for the staff officially, yada yada yada].

From: IggyPope Monday, July 19, 10:56PM

Ok, let's see here, you fight a kick-butt fire-flinging 3c cause mage, he tosses a super-burrito-with-extra-jalapenos fireball at your head, and you think your quip's not gonna get wasted? Frankly, there's one solution to this: Don't fight 3c mages who are firebugs. Youse plays wit' fiyah, ya's gonna gets boined. -wink cecil- BURN!!

From: Stewart Wednesday, July 21, 01:58AM

i just gotta mention my opinion on this my last pkiller was a 3c cause mage. immolate was one of his main weapons in pkill. i may get flamed (bad pun i know) for say this, but... scaping eq is fun! i once scraped two senoi earrings and a boarshead helmet in one fight. 3 once in a life time items! anyway... Stewart

From: Lancelot Thursday, August 12, 05:29AM

Yeah scraping equ may be fun when you dishing it out but try let it happen to you, its not very fun I have seen a strung phantoms tattoo get scraped with two immolates fire damaged really needs to be fixed Lancelot, -hides his equ from nasty immolates-


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