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Wearing zip

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Posted by Skar on 07/27

All the discussion about wearing zip strings gave me an idea: add a couple of wearslots just for zip. Sure, you can hold zip now, but it would take a slot that you could put a stat item in. Since zip would have no bearing on your stats, this would benefit rp without forcing you to choose between stats and wearing your zip. In fact, with the new stringable slots, it wouldn't even have to look like you were holding it. This suggestion isn't meant to address any of Infidel's concerns -- It was just something I thought of while reading his thread.

From: Stewart Monday, July 26, 07:56PM

i gotta say i like the idea a whole lot Stewart

From: Ton Monday, July 26, 08:17PM

I'd have to agree as well. I can think of many cases where I'd prefer a zip string to an actual item. But I think if they are 'free' that there will be way too many floating around. And people might keep 21 zips to wear when they want to RP etc... Memory might become an issue. Ton

From: Ton Monday, July 26, 08:19PM

Or if I actually read the whole post and was awake, I could have commented on the actual thread. :P Do me a favor, Ignore me.

From: LadyAce Tuesday, July 27, 09:36PM

Zip isn't used in aux slots because to do so would not only devalue coupons, it would also serve as a rather large discouraging force for builders to think up interesting uses of the aux slot code. I encourage you to consider stringing/restringing onto aux slots and to look around the game for items which either fit your RP, or which you think would be particularly fitting but don't exist -- and pass your idea on to the builders using the 'idea' command. -LA


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