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Posted by Iceman on 08/01

Ok I dont like the Downgrade to this skill Now it dose like crap damage now str fighters use only one skill thats bash cause now elbow just plain sucks it misses almost all the tim e and it hardly ever disorents I think if they keep the damage low like it is you should make it dissorent more offten just my thoughts Iceman

From: Ariel Tuesday, July 27, 06:57AM

I don't think elbow's been changed in a while. I could be wrong...

From: Euclid Tuesday, July 27, 08:53AM

A couple of times I have forgotten to wield my weapon after repairing it, and didn't realize it until I was already raging. I remember in particular against a Norman guard, perfect match at the time, started fight at less than full hp and was able to kill the Norman guard just using elbow. It can't be all that bad.

From: LadyAce Tuesday, July 27, 09:39PM

Elbow hasn't been downgraded in a while -- and tactically, I think it's underused. It's not intended to be a weakened clone of kick, so you probly won't see a lot of upgrades to the hp damage it does. Other suggestions about making it more useful are welcome, though. -LA

From: Brew Sunday, August 01, 02:35AM

I thought elbow was a con skill...


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