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Posted by Dune on 07/28

ok, I posted this a long time ago as another pkilling deadeye... Why cant we unload arrows? it seems to silly to shoot rabbits or something to get an arrow out of there. And you ask why I would want to do that? Well, sometimes you have some random arrow in there, and you would like to get it out to load a specificly dipped one. - - Dune, the artist formerly known as the funk.

From: Zheeerlikouv Wednesday, July 28, 12:29AM

I think this is a valid idea. I mean we can now empty stuff so logic would assume we should be able to unload arrows and bullets.

From: Rufus Wednesday, July 28, 03:00AM

There are some balance issues with unloading an arrow and having it return to inventory. However, if you would concede to unloading as 'the arrow magically disappears' for a while, then I think I can go through with this idea. It's a minor fix this way, if I had to eek out the balance issues if it were made into a single arrow, I wouldn't have the time. Opinions? -Ruf

From: Infidel Wednesday, July 28, 03:51AM

I don't think those who have asked about this in the past had even considered that the arrow may be unloaded and reused. Just making it POOF would be good enuff I feel.

From: Darkheart Wednesday, July 28, 11:11AM

personally i don't think shooting an arrow out isn't that big of a deal until you come to that circumstance where've you wasted precious mana and time hiding/sneaking/invis'ing, and realizin your arrow is.. not tainted just right. having it go to newbie hell would be much better than having yourself reappear.


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