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Posted by Lancelot on 08/03

I was just thinking that we now have two high level places and ones in ancient and others in medevil I was think perhaps you can make one in indus after And since PD and SL are evil places you can make this one good Like perhaps a Knights Castle or something Just a thought since I like going SL and PD please append thoughts and stuffs Lancelot

From: Asterix Thursday, July 29, 03:29AM

PD has new stuffs!

From: Chimera Friday, July 30, 03:28AM

There weren't a heck of a lot of knights left after 1830. I guess someone could do a ruined castle or something with ghost knights, but we've already got one ruined city with ghosts in indust...

From: Dulcimer Friday, July 30, 06:40AM

You could do the thing like they do in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the knights are in the past, but they're not, and it gets all weird and confusing, and you know what, the end of that movie wasn't all that great. And, um, that'd be a stupid area anyway. So nevermind! :p

From: Cecil Friday, July 30, 06:58AM

I heard Rufus will be working on chicago, with agg mobsters and all that in indus, that will be nifty, and what would SL be with good mobs besides non agg, ewww! It has to be evil for them to be agg =)

From: Rufus Friday, July 30, 09:41AM

I've decided to put that on hold and allow anyone who might want to do it as a proposal do it. I don't have the time with all the project back-up currently. -Ruf

From: Kit'Marlowe Friday, July 30, 10:35AM

As a new place where the mobs are agro, yet good, how about Japan? I can't remember ther period's name, but for a time forieners were out-lawed in pre-industrial Japan. And anyway the samuri had the right to kill a peasant at will -i hope thats not a slanderous myth. But think about it, if you want a new super tough area, why not recreate the greatest warriors ever seen - samuri, ronin, zen monks, ninja... Also to make it interesting, you could make it so that the only way that players are not instantly attacked, is be dressing Japanese. That is, giving up all the +stat eq while you are in Japan You could also make it that chars must dress Japanese even to enter the country. Finaly in regards to eq, this would be the place to get the best melee weapon ever - the katana, or samuri long sword. It could also be a place for chars to learn how to wield two swords or 'daisho' in the custom of the samuri. Actually, come to think of it there are a whole range of Japanese skills that could be added - bushido, the way of the warrior, kendo - the art or way of the sword Iaijutsu - the way of killing on the draw Kuji-no-in, ninja magic, which could be peculiar to str and dex warriors. It is magic that either gives a sudden rush of energy or can stun one enemy. Anyway these are just a few ideas, make of them what you will.

From: Hikage Friday, July 30, 04:01PM

I really, really, really, really like the japan thing. but...if it ever did happen (fat chance) people with japanese names/rps shouldn't be attacked uh, no...noobvioud advantages to me here... -halo- or maybe as an alternative, somequest to be excepted as part of a village or somthing anyway....just my messed up ideas Hikage -wink shotokai- -wink Akai_Hayate and Shino_kage-

From: Danar Friday, July 30, 05:35PM

Well, a Japanese area would certainly be cool. Actually, yeah, foreigners were almost never allowed in Japan, except for Dutch people (traders), who had to accept unreasonable strictures. You haven't really explained what the skills you described would do, though. (And incidentally, actual combat training with the katana was kenjutsu. And what would training in bushido do? Guarantee you 100 prest at all times?) Other than that, it's a great idea. Danar

From: Tempus Saturday, July 31, 02:55AM

why does everyone assume that a Japanese area must have war stuff :P There were periods where war wasn't the thing but free love and poetry. Tempus Kittredge.

From: Skar Sunday, August 01, 11:36PM

An easy way to determine 'native' characters would be to make the Japan area a hometown. :) Of course, you'd have to consider the effect on pkill when a 'native' character can just duck into his/her home and have a slew of samurai protect them. Just wearing clothes wouldn't be enough -- westerners would still be readily be identifiable by their features and their height.

From: Splat Monday, August 02, 12:49AM

How about a tough area which you have to do on your own, SL and PD are tough in a way but all you need is numbers rather than any real skill or tactics.. Since we're talking about Japan, were there trials in becoming a Samurai? Something like that would be nifty but better still if it weren't a once only quest. Items from such a place would be quite valuable if only 1/10 attempts are succesful.

From: Kit'Marlowe Monday, August 02, 08:16AM

IN RE - Lancelot I was thinking that bushido -not nec. by that name- would be the ultimate combat skill. Essentialy it would strengthen all other combat skills. Perhaps it would also be the requisite skill for wielding daisho, or long AND short swords. Tempus, I am well aware that Japan was not always a violent place, but the discusion was focusing on a SL-type place, with agro mobs that were also good. If you want we could have Basho as a mob. Splat, I was actually thinking of a REALY tough quest in japan, that would have to be done solo. Essentialy it involve initiation into a ninja clan. It starts if a char wanders into the ninja village. This AUTOMATICALY leads to the char being poisoned, and the poison works as a DT if you don't get the cure. A char would be able to get the cure by being initiated into the clan. But the initiation requires that a player perform an assassination of a samuri tykun... This could by an interesting quest in that it could exploit all thief skills that are otherwise pretty useless. Finally, Please everybody i would like to hear some more comments. Kit Marlowe, Laureate-Assassin, Poet-Fatale. Pretensious-Git.

From: Kit'Marlowe Monday, August 02, 09:27AM

P.S. One advantage of fighting daisho that i hadn't considered, would be the ability to backstab with a dagger, and then continue the fight with a fencing sword, useing the backstab weapon as a main garde. This would certainly increase the fighting capacity of dex fighters.

From: Dulcimer Monday, August 02, 05:10PM

Kit-for backstabbing with one weapon and fighting with another, check out the draw skill. It pretty much does just that. Additionally, there is a main gauche in the game already.

From: Tempus Tuesday, August 03, 04:42AM

You should learn more about Japanese history before saying misinformed things and perpetuating myths that are stereotypes spread by the West about a wonderful history and culture. Tempus Kittredge.


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