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Posted by Asterix on 07/30

speaking of quests, does anyone knows wats the scruffy man near flaggs house for? i know he meant something abt dristor, but not exactly any ideas and appends will be welcomed

From: LadyAce Thursday, July 29, 12:54PM

I wouldn't advise appending to this, game info and all that :) -LA

From: Cecil Friday, July 30, 06:56AM

Why not? i mean, we could just hound you with tells all day long asking what he's for LA? :p

From: LadyAce Friday, July 30, 08:51AM

Or, you could poke around at him a while (even as a group!) and try to figure it out. -halo- -LA

From: Asterix Friday, July 30, 10:51AM

so he doesnt do anything? broken quest? killed dristor, him and everything i could find and nothing!!! -peer-

From: Danar Friday, July 30, 08:57PM

Just wondering, which append made you think it was a broken quest, Asterix ? feh, good enough. Danar


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