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New weapon - Caltrops

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Posted by Kit'Marlowe on 08/02

I'd like to propose a new weapons, caltrops. Essentialy, these are like the barbs on barbed wire, a couple of pieces of wire twisted together to form 4 equilateral and equidistant spikes. This means that no matter how you drop it, a caltrop will always land with three spikes pointing down, and one pointing up - right in to the foot of who ever steps on it. These are a weapon that has been used by just about every culture that understands metal working, and have been used in every period from ancient rome, to fuedal japan, to both world wars. And they have been used against everything against every thing from soldiers feet, to horses, tires and even tank treads. They were like an ancient form of land mine. On Legend i would propose that they inflict a minor lose of HP. However, their major effect, which would be a timed effect, would be to drain their victem of movement points every time s/he moves from room to room. They would ofcourse, also effect combat skills such as dodge - which is a bit hard to do when you have a bit of metal stuck in your foot. In RL, caltrops were oftern dipped in poison, but perhaps on LM that would make these too powerful a weapon. I am not sure how they would be "targeted", perhaps for specific character s, perhaps just for the first character or mob to pass through the entrance to a room, perhaps for the first char or mob that leaves a room the same way that who ever scattered left. Caltrops would not be seen, or atleast avoided, unless the prospective victem had reasonably high perception. Could also intoduce "barbed caltrops" which are twice as heavy, and due to the barbs have an effect that is twice as long. Caltrops could make for a very intersting style of PKing that would probably be unique to Legend. That is snipper type characters pick a fight, "scatter" some caltrops, letting their opponent walk on to them. And then while their oppoment is immobilised, they can skulk around, taking potshots from outside the room. And so after all that writing, i seam to have come to the conclusion that caltrops would make snippers too powerful - but then again, maybe not, considering how hard it is to actually hit some one with a missile. But, at any rate, please post your comments. I would like to hear what more experienced players think of this idea. Kit Marlow: Laurete-Assassin, Poet-Fatale.

From: Asterix Friday, July 30, 10:52AM

From: Dulcimer Friday, July 30, 01:27PM

I think that unless their use was made a skill, these would be overpowered. You mentioned a sniper type dropping some and shooting the victim while he/she was immobilized. Fine idea, but what's to stop a strength fighter from doing the same? Or a mage? In most cases, fights would boil down to both fighters being immobilized by caltrops that the other dropped, since I can't see any advantage to -not- carrying them. Hrm, maybe overpowered isn't the right word, but I think they would quickly stop being a neat pkill trip and start being par for the course. Aaand, as far as skills that immobilize people go, I think tha that traps are supposed to go in with skill trees, yes? It's a good idea, I just don't see it happening in its present form :)

From: Ea! Friday, July 30, 05:45PM

Under skilltrees, we'll have a "trap" skill that allows players to set up traps in rooms. I suspect that caltrops would qualify. -Ea!

From: Kit'Marlowe Friday, July 30, 10:46PM

Dulcimer, I thought that the tendancy would be limited to snippers, because as far as i know, only that type of char has the ability to attack well from outside of a room. That is immobilising a char and then pepering them with shots from the next room, so that the target can not hit them with melle weapons.

From: Infidel Saturday, July 31, 12:39AM

I'd like something like that to keep snipers in the room with me!

From: Danar Saturday, July 31, 04:30PM

Hmm... Well, really, caltrops aren't all that dangerous to somebody who's just walking around, unless they're really dense. Caltrops are usually used when somebody's gonna be running (i.e., fleeing, or, uh, dashing) and then are nasty. Danar

From: Kit'Marlowe Monday, August 02, 08:32AM

Dannar, your comments are in part why i suggested that caltops might only be -scattered- in the path of some one persuing some one else. Or atleast i ment to suggest that that might be the rule.


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