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Posted by Splat on 08/03

Why are 'mere conveniences' being ripped? Like the medallion not being junked anymore and a much nastier one, ie. Orkney fisherman not having orkney as a keyword anymore? -growl-

From: Sandra Saturday, July 31, 11:09AM

The medallion problem you're talking about is due to a problem we had with the area file. It wasn't intentionally removed, and will probably be put back in pretty quick. As for the orkney fishermen, I can't answer that one for you, other than to say that if they're still 'an orkney fisherman' then typo it as it should probably still be a keyword. -Sandra

From: LadyAce Saturday, July 31, 11:46AM

Since Sandra answered the two examples you listed...what other "convenienc es" have been altered? You never know what we'll accidentally damage in trying to fix other problems :). Best to bring them up as quickly as you can, before getting annoyed. -LadyAce

From: Brew Sunday, August 01, 02:41AM

I'd like doppel's to have the keyword "doppel" rather than the full "doppelganger" but that's just me

From: Harris Sunday, August 01, 02:47AM

boy...we have gotten so so Lazy! Typing a few more words isn't going to kill you guys...geez!

From: Infidel Sunday, August 01, 04:59AM

The orkney thing isn't just a few more words though, they have a popular item and so are often dead.. Without their own keyword one has to go manually look for them to see if they've repopped or somehow keep tabs on 20 or so other 'fisherman'. Well I say, bleahhhhhhh to the change.

From: Croaker Tuesday, August 03, 05:44PM

Orkney isn't anywhere near where those fisherman live. All references to Orkney had been removed from the room descs, the fishermen still having it as a keyword was an oversight I recently corrected many months after the use of Orkney as an appelation for the town was removed (at the request of Ptah, the original builder of the fishing village). Sorry you can't magically determine whether certain fishermen are through the use of a feature' that should prolly be removed (and I think is slated to be removed at some point in the nebulous future). Croaker


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