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Etheric Archer

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Posted by Tristen on 08/03

Having tried this spell from 2 different character types, I find myself having two VERY different reactions. As a low mind 3c create, which was what I first tried the spell with, I was pretty much convinced it was yet another spell to shove on the shelf, and not at all worth my time. However my low mind creates depended only on on their own fighting skills (which are formidable) and the archer. The mages in question being 48 and 50 respectively, they tended to fail a lot and the mobs were usually dead or dying by the time the spell actually succeeded. All this made me think it was just another useless spell, like so many other pricey create spells. I'm stl of the opinion that for a low mind 3c create, it is precisely that. However, trying it as a high mind 3c create (100 str/mind) I find I love the spell. I use it with 3 gimps and I think it's pricey, but I wouldn't say it isn't worth it because even at the mana it costs, I'd still go on using it. To me, it's the best thing to happen to high mind 3c creates in a long long time. A mana cost reduction of 50 or so would be nice, but I'd still use it anyway. So, if the purpose was to create a spell which would benefit high mind mages more than low ones, this one really rocks. Very nice job on this one, I actually feel inclined to play this alt again as in going out to kill, rather than rotting. Thanks for the boost to full mages, it was much needed. Tristen (and his brown men)

From: Feisal Saturday, July 31, 12:49PM

I must say I do agree with Tristen here. It's funny to see how I thought along the same lines he describes and I was pretty disappointed too. Continuing the testing though - also along the lines Tristen mentions here - has revealed even to me the new possibilities he has described above. So it -is- a spell I am definitely going to use - at least for certain purposes and under certain circumstances. I'd still maintain though that the mana cost is a bit steep. Something in the neighborhood of 140-160 would be more reasonable. Feisal

From: Stradivari Saturday, July 31, 11:19PM

I agree with Tristen and Feisal as well. As a high mind 3rd circle create mage, this spell is quite useful to me under certain circumstances. However, a slight mana cost reduction would totally make my day. =) If I had to choose between an angel and an archer, then I would still go with the angel. As a con/min mage, I have awful AC and no hit/damroll. I need my greater summoning to tank and deal damage. To me, the archer is not as great as an asset, and so the 200 mana is kinda steep. Anyway, I still like the spell. Strad

From: Skar Sunday, August 01, 10:29PM

I like this spell too. One of the things I like best about it is that the archer immediately attacks whoever the caster is fighting. Can the other charmed mobs be made to do this too?

From: Luner Tuesday, August 03, 06:44AM

I too have been testing this spell and its also good for mid level mages. I have a lvl 30 alt and more ofter than not the archer does more damage than my Greater Summons do and that bow of his just rocks =P But, as the other have said, 200 mana is too much 140 - 160 would be much better and probly get alot more mages using the spell Luner the Silver Star


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