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Posted by Orphen on 08/06

I was just thinking how pkill has really slumped compared to the past, when even enemies helped each other out after somebody got killed, or when somebody's eq got scrapped. Just an idea, but if the kill xp was lowered, and the death xp was raised, say, by 3x you would start out with more multies at first. This is bad, but it will weed out those that aren't competent enough to be in the pkill arena. Hopefully, more people will duel each other instead of all this randomness. I know in the past, a duel usually ended with the parties helping each other, killing mobs, getting xp or eq. The idea came up when all this nonsense started. Meaningless multi's, since they cost virtually nothing against the low-level characters. If the xpsystem is going to be revise again, I think the imms/imps should take this into consideration. Orphen

From: Sandra Monday, August 02, 02:57PM

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'competent enough'. Does this mean that we should try to weed out pkillers just because they aren't as good as everyone else? If so, why? Why shouldn't they be allowed to pkill if they want to? I don't think raising the exp gained in pkill will solve much of anything, but instead create more problems, though you seem to think those problems will be short term. The rash of senseless, disrespectful behaviour in pkill is already growing, adding some- thing to it to aid that growth isn't something that we want to do. -Sandra

From: Dulcimer Monday, August 02, 05:13PM

No one starts out good at pkill. Find me one first time pkiller who can win consistently right at first and I'll take back this append. But until then, I don't think talking of "weeding out" all but the best pkillers is a good idea.

From: Yemaya Monday, August 02, 07:01PM

I understand that the pkill community wanted more people to pk, so that there was a wider range of chars to fight. The idea of weeding out those who lack competence is going to reduce the numbers who choose to pk, not increase it. Just my 2 coins worth Yemaya.

From: Deathangel Tuesday, August 03, 02:12AM

If you were to 'weed out' the 'incompetent' pk'ers it would turn it into nothing but random fights it would turn it into nothing but random fights contrary to popular belief, not everyone involved in pkill have these monsters created to do nothing but kill some of us use pkill as a way to alter the rp experience as anyone who has fought me knows, I am not a particularly great fighter.. If this Idea were to be taken in any way I would have to either totally change my character and ruin him for rp, or perma and start over

From: Orphen Tuesday, August 03, 03:54AM

I'm being very, very naive here, but wouldn't you think that if you raised xploss, random pkillers would stop such multis etc, since there would be no easy kills? Then after a while, they would leave the mud. Then when people decide to build pkillers again, they will decide to have friendly duels instead of the low level madness? I don't see so much multi at high levels because the xploss actually hurts. Well, and that it takes forever to heal/regen/prep and such. This probably isn't ever going to happen, but it's still a nice, warm thought. Very naive Orphen

From: Splat Tuesday, August 03, 05:53AM

Sure it may reduce multi's by those that have a little consideration but I don't think the act itself is as bad as the xp loss. Reduce xp loss and people won't complain so much about dying whether it be a multi or a random jump when they're low. If getting people to just duel was the aim we'd probably have an arena of sorts.

From: Deathangel Tuesday, August 03, 12:26PM

raisng xp loss would have no affect on stopping multi's the people who multi could care less about the xp loss to their victims.. actually, it would stop multi's because the victims would perma a lot quicker and probably never pk again.. but I don't think that's the answer you are looking for...

From: Nothing Friday, August 06, 07:56AM

Hey, my first time pkiller (the first Nothing) won quite consistently. If my memory serves me correctly..... -Nothing to fear but death...


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