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Posted by Dune on 08/08

I posted a little while ago about having an unload command, and Rufus answered that it might be overpowered if it resulted in a single arrow that ended up in inventory. He said that if the arrow was to "poof" when unloaded, that only then it would be an option. Then I didnt append cause I was away for a while.. if the arrow poofs.. thats fine! As it is, you have to shoot a bird or something (or Infidel in the hall, hehe) to get the arrow out.. and it "poofs" like that too. Im sure that no sniper would complain about losing an arrow to unload. So, if there are no other balance concerns about coding an "unload" command, and it doesnt take too much code or time.. do it! And let the rabbits, birds, Infidel, and assorted rodents live in peace! Dune, the artist formerly known as "The Funk"

From: Rufus Friday, August 06, 09:58AM

unload is coded, and will go in next friday (8/13) -Ruf

From: Dusk Friday, August 06, 03:26PM

-clap- wow, i am impressed... can someone code me a slay command?

From: Dune Friday, August 06, 04:38PM

Wow, me too:) cool, thanks for listening. dune

From: Ton Friday, August 06, 05:04PM


From: Typhoid-Mary Saturday, August 07, 03:20AM


From: Stewart Sunday, August 08, 09:44AM

OHMIGOD! wow! thats just like mind blowing... -has had his faith in legends coaders restored- Stewart


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