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Posted by Rosette on 08/14

I am rather frustrated by the current crop of prize strings: fear, the abyss, a bloody carving knife, and this rusty nail I just "won." They all seem geared for evil and psychotic people--which don't make up the majorit of characters. I heard that the strings are by suggestion, but I don't understand when or how we can do this. I only wish that there were either more variety in the strings, or more strings that fit a greater variety of people. Just my two cents. Rosette Milano

From: LadyAce Monday, August 09, 10:11AM

The prize machine operates largely on suggestions given to me by players, and acts in response to comments. The "evil" strings you list were an attempt to address the legions of complaints I was getting that the items are all too "nice" -- in reality, I think that the current set of items has simply been in there for too long. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to cycle in new items, but when I do, I look forward to your comments. If the current set is not to your liking, I hope you'll hold on to your tokens until I have a chance to put in a new variety. -LA

From: Skar Monday, August 09, 02:34PM

Perhaps the prize machine could be duplicated and each different machine specialize in a particular type of string allowing players to broadly select what kind of string they would be getting?

From: Chimera Monday, August 09, 03:15PM

I know that a big part of the prize machine is the 'mystery factor' of not knowing what you get til you put your token in, but why not put up a list of all the current prizes that are in there? That way instead of putting in a token and taking a gamble on 10 things you don't want, you can save your token for when you see something on the list that you do want?

From: LadyAce Monday, August 09, 05:23PM

Part of the reason that there's no list is that the machine isn't really a 'string vending machine' -- you are supposed to, sometimes, get things you don't want, that no one you know wants, that you just hate and want to get rid of. That possibility of it being an unwanted item is what lets me give out tokens a bit more freely than I do coupons, etc. Another angle is the fact that I consider it a high virtue of the machine that tokens are used fairly soon after they're won. I like having them in circulation, whether they end up being used by the player who won them, or someone else, rather than hoarded. It increases the chances that the sorts of people who never win tokens (due to any of a number of factors) will have a chance to buy the token or use the string. If everyone is holding tokens until they really like a particular item, and then try to win it, that particular virtue of the tokens is lost. On the other hand, if you've won a bunch of prizes you didn't like, and you don't fill with envy at the sight of what other people are winning, if I were you, I'd hang on to my token a while. I do try to keep the prizes cycling, but sometimes they do stay a bit too long. -LA

From: Brew Saturday, August 14, 11:57PM

I vote for Chim's idea of seeing the prizes. In real life, I almost never play those silly claw games but there comes a time when I see and item I'd really like to get like a stuffed tiger for my girl, or something that's obviously going to be grabbed by those things that never seem to grasp anything and so I waste a couple bucks trying to get something I can't get anyway and of course, it still doesn't work, but I tried cuz I saw something worth trying for. As a side note, usually when I get a prize that doesn't quite fit my chara (atleast from the whole 2 tokens I've gotten in my career) I tend to give them to others that -can- use them, for instance a tie-dye shirt to a hippish or college type character. It's more fun to give than sell, in my opinion. Besides, a friendship is worth more than 150k or whatever the going rate for tokens are these days.... Speaking of.... how about an option to be able to buy tokens? like for 200k or 500k or something or maybe you can get a token every 5 levels or so. I'm not familiar with the going circulation of tokens, but it would promot level advancement (like it needs promoting) but it would allow for an easi easier or absolute way for the average person who can't get to the games to atleast get a few nifty strings. -Brew


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