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Posted by Cecil on 08/17

Why do imms make it so difficult for people to get coupons? I mean, not like i have any trouble but the majority of players do, i was just wondering what makes it such a big deal to string eq. Cecil, the Dark Knight

From: LadyAce Wednesday, August 11, 04:52PM

Why coupons are hard to get... - to give players an incentive to work for, something to aim for - they're an ooc reward from the imms, and the only instance of us "giving you something - to make them valuable and meaningful to the players - to keep the staff sane when it comes to string reqs Essentially, coupons are a part of the game's challenge/reward structure. You might just as well ask why good eq is often hard to get, why you have to think and work to make it through a quest (without hintsheets that is), why you have to kill mobs instead of them just falling over dead at the sound of your footfalls. -LA

From: Brew Sunday, August 15, 12:03AM

I've known a few mobs to die at the sound of some people's footfalls Either in fright of a boring conversation or relief that a group has actua actually been formed that can take them. -coughHibbenscough-

From: CLeo Tuesday, August 17, 04:30PM

I don't know what is the current "ratio" for their availability... ...the percentage of coupons given out .VS. price machine string. All I know is that coupons were too easy to get in the past (in the first few years of LegendMUD). Now, they are a bit harder to get. It's not too bad. If coupons would be so easy to have, imms would probably just implement a mortal skill to do the job of stringing an item.... But, right now, it's not the way it is.... Like they said... it is something you have to work for... It's not an obligation of them to create coupons and strings... They make this to reward people Remember... it's not a "right" to get a coupon... it's a priviledge... something you've earned. CLeo


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