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Calm Spell

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Posted by Darkheart on 08/19

I see the current spell as being totally worthless -- although it being a fail-proof version of the calm skill would be too powerful, why not bring back at least the "remove rage" effect back? I'm rather mad since this spell was one of my main reasons in becoming a 3rd c :p DH

From: Orphen Thursday, August 19, 12:34AM

the spell works fine. you just can't use it if you are the one fighting.

From: Darkheart Thursday, August 19, 06:09AM

my point exactly. the only reason i even learned the spell was cuz dune used it against vajrapani when vaj inspired him, getting out of that little trap :P it should allow the caster to remove effect of rage be midcombat or no. unless we plan to make the calm skill/inspire skill follow the same restrictions, that is. dh

From: Wrecked'm Thursday, August 19, 06:54AM

For the mana cost, it sure could be a little more useful. I used to use it a bit, stacking commands to calm but the mob would often growl before I cast. Bleah, pointless.


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